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The New Normal #CancerSucks

Nothing sexy or hot to see here today, not even some wise words of wisdom that talk about the wonders of living a D/s lifestyle with a lovely submissive. If you want that you can either go here Kayla Lords or here Whispers in the Dark. Sorry but this is going to be a bit… Read More »

No Data Left Behind #Computer

I know, I know, I said I was going to get back to writing kinky stuff and more BDSM stuff now that my computer is back up and running… Well life does take a different road at times… Once I had the puter back where I wanted the first thing on the plate was to… Read More »

Back at it Again #NewComputer

I am sitting at my desk, typing away on my newly restored computer. This past weekend the second and final motherboard arrived and the installation/assembly went just fine. I had Kayla aka as Vanna assist me; holding parts, flash light, and other odd assorted jobs which was a big help in getting things moving along.… Read More »

Rough Month

Saying that the last month was rough is in some ways putting it mildly. Oh things between Kayla and I are fine, we are moving forward in our relationship; exploring, experiencing, and laying plans for the future. What has made it rough are some of the speed bumps I’ve encountered along the way. Just after… Read More »


I’m sneaking in here real quick. My intention while I was on vacation last week was to write, I have so many things rolling around in my head of late and wanted to get them out on my blog. There are comments still waiting responses and I have several emails form people reaching out to… Read More »

Dominance can be painful #BDSM

This world of D/s can be an amazing thing when you delve into it lock stock and barrel, Kayla has written SO many times about how it is more then just the sex. Oh sure there is the structure, the protocols, the punishments, etc. As a Dominant it is about pushing the subs boundaries which… Read More »