Glad it is Over

This week, I’m glad this week is over.

IT has been a busy, hectic, chaos filled week and I am oh so happy to put it behind me.

As some of you may know my motorcycle has become my primary transportation of late. It was a conscious decision made a couple of weeks back and all in all I still stand by it. I needed a quick way to stash some cash and at 59 mpg’s coupled with a 50 mile commute round trip it was the most efficient way.

All in all it had been going well, until…yes there always is an until. The Polar Vortex decided to extend it’s hand to where I live. No I know all things considered it has in no way been as bad here as it has in other parts of the country, 35 to 40 below zero is no laughing matter at all. When you live in a part of the country where the mid-30’s is frigid it is all relative.

Weds. after work it was raining, a good steady soaking rain. Now I have rain gear, a good helmet and I was more then ready to buck it up. Problem was the temps had been steadily dropping all day. So when I left work the temps were dipping in the low-40’s. Then add in the wind chill from being on the bike and yes I was still getting damp even with the rain gear on.

An hour and a half later when I arrived home I was shivering. I jumped into the shower and turned up the heat. Drank two cups of hot coffee and I was still shivering. I crawled into bed and curled up and went to sleep. The next morning when I woke I was still shivering and it was still raining. I have a lot of sick and vacation time stored up so I called out of work.

I slept all day and well into the night, waking up for dinner, talking to Kayla and then back to sleep. I woke up this morning and guess what? It was still raining. I am trying to figure out when I moved from the south to Seattle. I checked the weather and it said rain would be ending by 6am. still enough time for me to make it to work. 6 o’clock came and it was still raining. Looked at the weather again and it said ending by 7. Come 7 and you guessed it…still raining…this time it wasn’t supposed to end till mid-day.

I called my boss, she is aware of my transportation and we talked, she would let me work from home.

I will admit it was one of the most productive days I have had, I tore through the work in no time.

By 2pm it stopped raining and now by early evening it was raining once more.

At least I have the weekend now.

Tomorrow is Munch day. Looks like there is going to be a good turnout and I’m looking forward to it. There are two Munches I attend each month. Both have their own unique style. This one is more of a social gathering, that last about 3 hours. It is held at a local restaurant and we take up the entire back room.

There are people that are there right at 2 o’clock and stay till the end at 5 o’clock, others come and go with a constant flow of people. It’s a good time with good kinky people.

Afterwards at the local Dungeon there is a Dom’s meeting where we discuss different topics. In another room there will be a sub-support group that meets.

When the meetings are over, there will be a whip class. I’m looking forward to that. I’ve been curious for a while now about whips and it will be interesting to see it up close.

Tonight I am catching up on emails and reading blogs, etc in addition to making out little flowers to do list for the weekend. Yes, I make her a to do list for the weekends. At her job she is the epitome of efficiency diving into her work effortlessly and doing an excellent job. When it comes to her personal life not so much.

So I help her, by the middle of each week she sends me a list of what she has to do for the weekend. Then by Thursday/Friday I go through the list and prioritize and break it up between Sat. and Sun. for her. This also includes her writing time for her blog and other projects.

By doing this it has actually freed her time up; where she used to be a tad bit chaotic about getting things done on the weekend and not having any down time, no with me setting a list of her weekend tasks she now has time to sit back relax, and even do some reading for enjoyment among other things.

So by me organizing her weekends it has made things easier for her.

Thankfully though the weekend is here and next week looks like it will be both warmer and rain free.

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  1. I hate to think of you chilled to the bone. 🙁

    And yes, you’re right, I’m great at work and in my personal life, I’m a major procrastinator and horrible at prioritizing. But I have you, right, Daddy? 🙂 (I have a feeling we’ll be called “cute” soon – not sorry!)

    This week is over, thank God, and the countdown continues – 14 more days.

  2. Peep, you need my help? You must be off your game, cause you never need back up! But I’m here for you friend! Southern Sir and Kayla, probably a size large would fit her for a cute pair of those hello kitty Jammie shorts!

  3. I hope that it stops raining. I hate rain. Well, rain and wind. What you need is a little protective bubble around your bike… give it a few years, technology will sort something out. But on the plus side, you’re discovering a masochistic side you never thought you had, right 😉 ?

  4. I want to be able to “like” the whole conversation. I may sleep through it all, but I wake up to a read tnat has me laughing.
    hoping everyone is in a warmer and dryer, happy mood this morning!
    Sir, the rain has stopped in S. Orlando, how about where you are?

    • Good morning, yes the rain has finally stopped here in Tampa and it is even a bit warmer. Glad you got to star your day with a chuckle. Here’s to warmer sunnier days.

  5. First off, the comments above have had me laughing enough to make the dog look at me funny. 🙂 Plus, I know that if I ever started ‘little’ talk, Wolf would give me the hairy eyeball and then NOT swat my ass. (damn!) I just have to stick to being a pain…

    Rain… yeah, well… You could be here SSir. It’s Snowing. Third day of intense cold. It was 5C, when I started the fire in the morning. However, I’m glad you are okay, and could work from home for a day.

    Better yet, I hope the next fortnight goes quickly! 🙂

    • We are finally starting to warm back up to normal temps for this time of the year. Yesterday and today was the first time in weeks i didn’t have to put on 5 layers of clothes to try and stay warm.

      Yes, it certainly is good for a chuckle around here.:-)

  6. Ok, NOW I get why I was getting the Disney talk earlier over at Kayla’s blog. Heehee, LPB that cracks me up now. Hello Kitty indeed. Would it cheer you to know that I have a customer order for a HK item due soon? I’ll send you a pic if you need it. Haaaaahaaaa!! You have your “romance enhancement specialist” (snicker) job and I have a crack, I mean craft, habit.

    Kayla, I think I’m getting a clearer picture of a Little. Hmmmmm. Wonder what my HH would say? Tonight has been a night of surprises from him. Don’t think I’ll ask.

  7. @Southern Sir — You might want to invest in some heated gear for motorcycling to work. I used to manage a motorcycle store for nearly five years, and I had a lot of feedback of what works the best and what doesn’t. I can send you links later. Then you wouldn’t be getting sick.