Leather and Lace

Ever since this song came out it resonated with me, long before I knew what it was to be kinky.

Once I discovered my kinky side this song was like an ahh ha moment.

I’ve always had a love of anything leather and lacy things mmmmm Now my love of leather and lace is found in my toys and what my babygirl wears for me.

Stevie Nicks as been one of my favourite artists, yeah okay I’ve been crushing on her since her days with Fleetwood Mac

Click on the lips to see who else is part of #SinfulSunday

Sinful Sunday

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  1. I love the story that goes with this song and the image that places it in context of your life today.

    Oh and welcome to Sinful Sunday… I hope this won’t be your first and only….


  2. Teeheehee! Loved this , but I said that’s old school tunes! Only to be heard by the grumpy Frenchman and got my ass whooped big time!!!

  3. I always like lace! I’m trying to work on a few sewing projects with lace now. I enjoy the smell and feel of leather. Arousal fabric!!

    • The juxtaposition of the leather and lace together. The delicacy of the lace along with the firmness of the leather, how in their differences they compliment one another.