My Perspective: Taken

Once the collar goes on there is no doubt in her mind she is taken. Oh even on a day to day basis she has given me her submission and she is mine. But the collar, once the collar goes on that takes it to a whole different level. Her mindset goes to a different place. She fully gives herself to … Continue reading

My Perspective: Her Lips

I do love her lips! So soft and warm. So welcoming and eager. Always ready to accept my touch. I know just the right spot to bring out the most delicious of sounds. Sometimes I make her wait and beg. Other times it is fast and hard. Barely giving her time to take a breath There are times a … Continue reading

My Perspective: Shower time

I love jumping in the shower each and every day Many times although not often enough Kayla joins me or I join her. I do love those moments, the shower is a space of close intimacy. One of the things I love most about it is that there is always laughter. There are playful slaps on my butt from … Continue reading

My Perspective: Clean Shaven

There are times I like the feel of being clean shaven. I can feel the tremors on this side of my computer, not to worry...the beard isn't going away. If I don't shave in some capacity I would have a uni-beard...LOL As you can see in the picture above I do prefer to shave old school, with a … Continue reading