My Perspective: Morning Hug

Kayla and I have a morning routine which includes a hug. 99.9% of the time I am up and out of bed before she is. I make my way to the kitchen and brew up my coffee. Hot cuppa in hand I trundle over to my desk and sit in my chair and begin to… Read More »

My Perspective: Cheeky

Kayla can be very cheeky, when she lets the sass out it just rolls out of her like she is a natural. Now I will say that I do love her sass. It is lighthearted and full of fun. Her cheekiness keeps me smiling and laughing, not to mention young at heart. Kayla is also… Read More »

My Perspective: Her Hands

Her hands are like a puzzle to me. They are capable of so many things. Her hands bring me joy. Her hands make me laugh. Her hands make me smile. Her hands excite me. Sometimes in the evening if she is still working I will sit in the recliner and just watch her hands as… Read More »

My Perspective: Morning Stretch

The morning stretch. Each morning when Kayla wakes up she has her routine, she checks her phone messages first. If I’m still in bed she rolls over and touches me in some way. Some mornings she greats me with her silly babygirl side and some giggles. Then when she is ready to actually move out… Read More »

My Perspective: Devilish

Devilish sums her up quite well. So does sassy along with brassy which is a combination of bratty and sassy. Even though Kayla will vehemently deny it there is a touch of bratty lurking in there that sneaks out now and again. But the devilishness is always there, it is easy to see in her… Read More »

My Perspective: Boob Day

Since it is Boob Day, and Kayla is herself participating I thought an extra shot of her boob would be fitting. I love Kayla’s boob’s, especially her nipples. They elicit so many wonderful responses from her depending on how I touch them. One of my favorite things to do is give them a good pinch… Read More »

My Perspective: Shower Time

Shower time for Kayla happens in the morning just before I’m getting ready to go out in the shop. Sometimes I like popping in to see what she is up to or just for the pleasant view. Either is never disappointing.   Just a reminder that Kayla Lords and I are simultaneously participating in February… Read More »

My Perspective: What’s in her Drawers

Okay, stop that, I know what you’re thinking here. I’m not talking about what’s in her knickers but in her drawers. We each have matching nightstands on each side of our bed and what she keeps in the top drawer is not what most folks normally keep in their nightstand. But then again we’re not… Read More »

My Perspective: From Behind

I just love the view from behind. After a shower Kayla loves to climb up on the bed and just chill. I love being in there when she does this. And yes, that is a corset lamp in the background, a birthday gift from me a few years ago. Lots of other folks are participating… Read More »

My Perspective: A Spank and a Wank

It ended with a spanking but began with a wank. I walked in the house for something I needed out in the shop and I heard her cries from the bedroom. Wondering first and foremost if she was okay I peeked in and saw her with a vibe having an orgasm. I almost, almost walked… Read More »