I Got it Wrong #BDSM

In a big way I got it wrong So this past weekend was a milestone for us. It has been several weeks since I have embarked upon my new life and slowly but surely I'm settling in. My new routine is working itself out; I'm getting more comfortable in the kitchen and trying some new recipes even. As … Continue reading


Well as promised here are my test results, really there is nothing here that didn't surprise me except for one thing of which I am still scratching my head over.  Maybe that is something that needs more exploring..not sure but I will be annotating each section as you read down. I will be updating … Continue reading

“Daddy, May I Come to Bed?

Kayla and I are settling into our new lives together, we are both amazed at how well we fit and mesh in so many ways. What helps are our talks and open line of communication we have. When babygirl and I were long distance there were some rules I had in place for her, now that we are together … Continue reading

Little Logic

I'm not talking about a small amount of logic, what I'm talking about here is the logic flow of a little's mind. It's unique, it's different, it is irrefutable! I know it exists, I've seen it in action at a local munch one time where someone went up against a little. Her Daddy warned the … Continue reading

Moving Forward

Things have been quiet here since I returned from my last visit with Kayla. In part I will admit that it has been partially due to a touch of despondency on both our parts knowing that it will be some time before we see one another again. Looking ahead and what I need to accomplish between then and … Continue reading