Do You Appreciate? #BDSM

I had a very interesting chat with someone the other day about whether I have rules and protocols that babygirl must follow. To which I replied why yes I do. This led to another question as to whether I appreciate the tasks she does for me. I didn't even hesitate in the least little bit and I … Continue reading

When she Kneels for Me #BDSM

Kayla is a babygirl , I know shocking isn't it. She has many attributes of a babygirl, she squeals when she is happy, she's been known to stamp her foot a time or two in disapproval, and she can pout right up there with the best of them. Someone wrote a post recently about pouting and I'm sorry I … Continue reading

Working Weekend #D/s

This past weekend was a flurry of activity, Saturday was full of running errands and taking care of things that I just am unable to do during the work week. One thing that was also on the plate was that Kayla needed some time to sit alone and write. I'm taking some time off the starting Wednesday … Continue reading

Finding my Balance

It has taken a little bit in this madness I call my life but I have slowly been finding my balance. Between work, home, Kayla, the boys, and my sister it hasn't been easy but I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and it isn't a train. As in any family there was some family drama … Continue reading