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By | June 16, 2013

Last night (Saturday) I was sitting in my usual spot in my favorite coffee shop.Enjoying  something a bit different last night a nice cold Frappuccino.
While enjoying my beverage I was reading some blogs, responding to comments, and chatting with a new friend on FetLife.

Yesterday afternoon was the local munch, had a good time met some new people and had some interesting and evenly lively conversations.

I digress though, that is neither here nor there.

As I was wrapping up my evening at said coffee shop I was looking forward to going home, making myself comfortable and making my usual evening phone call.

I packed everything in the saddle bags and headed out of the parking lot. As I made the turn to enter the outer road to exit the shopping center I noticed something on the ground.
It was a dollar bill, my first reaction was alright this is my lucky night.

I stopped and picked up the bill and as I did I noticed another, and then that one lead to another, and so on and so on.
At the end of the dollar trail was a wallet.
I picked it up and inside was someones life; their drivers license, medical card, debit card, and other identification.

At that point it became a bit more then just being lucky and finding a few loose dollars.
I knew what I needed to do just not quite sure how to go about it.
I looked in the wallet for a phone number but didn’t find one.
Making a quick call to a friend of mine we talked for a few minutes about what had transpired.

From that I settled on a course of action.
Because the response time on a Sat. evening is slow or should I say slooow for a non-emergency I headed to the sheriff’s office which was only a few miles form where I was.

After some back and forth and explaining what happened and how I had come across this I turned the wallet and the money over to the Deputy.
The Deputy then turned to me and told me how what I did restored her faith in people. How they see things like this all the time, lost wallets and purses but with the money, credit cards, etc, all gone.

I told her I believe in karma and turning it in was the right thing to do.
I’ve also been in that position before having lost my wallet one time many years ago.
It isn’t fun to get a new drivers license, debit card, etc…I wouldn’t wish it on anyone else.

Hoping that as I write this she has already been reunited with her wallet.

16 thoughts on “Do the right thing

    1. SouthernSir

      Thank you WW, what really surprised me though was the Deputy telling me how unique I was for turning the wallet in. I know times are tough for so many people but I couldn’t conceive of not giving it back.

      1. Wordwytch

        I know. People amaze me. I couldn’t just keep it either. I always remember that a $1 or $5 found is something someone else lost, and they may need it.

  1. cpmandara

    I’m a great believer in Karma. I always hand back everything I find and on the two occasions I’ve lost my purse, good people have done the same for me. There are a lot of lovely people in the world 🙂 Great post.

    1. SouthernSir

      I’m a firm believer in karma as well, which was another reason why I knew I had to try and return the wallet. I wouldn’t want that kind of bad energy hanging over me.

    1. SouthernSir

      I received a phone call from the young lady last night, she had been reunited with her wallet and was very grateful.

  2. amelthalt

    That’s great! I believe in this. It’s so stressful to lose a purse. Must have been nice to get the phone call from her too and hear her thanks. 🙂

  3. Nicholiovich

    My faith in humanity will be restored when the owner of the wallet reverts to you with a modest retriever’s reward. Or atleast treats you to all the rides at the local amusement park 😀

    1. SouthernSir

      She did call me and thank me profusely which was reward enough.
      But then the amusement park…Hmmm

      1. Nicholiovich

        There we go. Everyone’s virtues come into question in the face of cotton candy, roller coasters and corn dogs.


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