Fun in the Sun

By | October 9, 2013

The other day I was talking with G from over at Filled and Fooled about those quiet places we seek out that are secluded and away from private eyes. Personally I think everyone should have one of those spots. In or chat I told her of the spoil islands that dot the area just off the coast here and along the Intercoastal. She mentioned how it sounds like it would be a good place to take a date and asked if I ever had.

While I haven’t, as of yet and who knows what the future may hold, but I mentioned that quite some time ago I had written a little fantasy around it. She thought it might make a nice read and after mulling it over I dug it out of my archives dusted it off and here it is. Now mind you it is not my usual writing of late as it was written a number of years ago and has nothing to do with the lifestyle.

Hope you enjoy.

The kayaks glided silently along the water, barely making a sound. It was predawn and still dark, bright stars still filled the sky, a crescent moon hung on the horizon slipping away to slumber for the day. A slight breeze was blowing, and the water was like a mirror with only the wake of the kayaks to disturb it. The salt air, felt refreshing and clean as we made our way out to the little island in the gulf.

You were just ahead of me and I watched as you paddle, auburn hair pulled back in a pony tail, bare shoulders and arms moving in unison as you slipped through the water. Muscles tensing and relaxing with each stroke, and as so many times before I felt that familiar desire for you fill me. As we continued our journey to the island a few schools of bait fish that we disturbed skipped across the water.

Twenty minutes later we were beaching our kayaks on the shore of the island; still ahead of the sunrise although now you could see the pink glow beginning to fill the eastern sky. I watched as you reached up to remove the tie in your hair, shaking your head as your hair fell like a feather upon your shoulders soft and free.

We walked back to the waters edge and sat down to watch the sunrise, I sat first as you lowered yourself between my legs, your back resting upon my chest. I put my arms around you; holding you tight, wispy strands of your hair tickling my nose as I breathed in your scent a mix of salt and your rosemary and mint shampoo.

The gentle waves moved around us as we sat there in anticipation of a bright dawn. Your breath was soft and gentle as your breasts rose and fell in time with your breath. The sky was now turning orange and the first hint of the sun could be seen over the horizon. A few birds had broken the silence with their morning song greeting the sun as it woke the new day.

As we sat there in silence a splash broke us away from our solitude, we looked out on the water to see three dolphins swimming just off the beach from us. As they broke the surface we could see there were two adults and one juvenile. The adults swam in a circle around the younger one as it leaped out of the water, cavorting and playing.

You let out a laugh, watching their playful antics; the sound of your laughter is as musical as the song of the morning birds. I leaned in and kissed your neck, your skin cooled by the soft morning breeze. You let out a sigh at the touch of my lips upon your skin, as you leaned your head back upon my shoulder opening yourself up for more of my kisses.

Your hair now caressing my skin softly as my lips showered your neck with my kisses a soft moan of approval escaped past you lips. I briefly lifted my head and you turned yours just enough so our lips met., the taste of your lips, sweet with just a hint of salt on them from the water drew me away from the world, the playful splashing of the dolphins now became background to our kiss.

Time stood still for us at that moment; the breeze wrapped us in its soft cocoon, the waves gently enfolding us while we kissed. One hand cradling your head as we kissed; the other on your shoulder, our lips sensuously tasting of each other.

My hand now moving down your shoulder to your breast, you suddenly broke the spell as you jumped up, letting out a little laugh as you ran back up the beach towards the kayaks. I turned as I got up to follow you, seeing you grab the bag that we had packed some food and blankets in.

As I reached you, you have the blanket in hand, and you say, β€œLet’s have a little snack.”

18 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun

  1. Mynx's Sir

    “Not my usual style” – he says! I say very well done, very erotic! You’ve missed your calling I think?!?!?! LoL- damn day jobs always sticking their ugly noses in the way of our fun- Grrr! πŸ™‚

    How long have you been writing things of this sort?

    -Mynx’s Sir

    1. southerns Post author

      Thank you for the compliment, yes that little thing of a paycheck does get in the way of fun at times.

      I’ve been writing on and off like this since 2004

  2. tispersonal

    I think this was divine. A truly lovely piece that we the readers can each finish for our selfs, in our imagination. You set it up for us perfectly. πŸ˜‰

    1. southerns Post author

      That was my intention at the time to leave it so one could finish it anyway they liked. Thank You

  3. NsK

    It’s a wonderful piece. I could almost feel the early morning air, smell the salt, see the pink of a sunrise. I was transported to that place in the story. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story!

    1. southerns Post author

      Hearing you say that you could feel those things as you read is the greatest compliment. Thank You

  4. Twisted Angel

    Beautiful!! This is the type of writing and reading I love. I don’t want to just hear about someone slapping a body with his and the details are what get me. I want to smell the aromas in the air, the taste of salt of the skin.

    1. southerns Post author

      Thank you very much.
      You are not the only person to say this about the details, will keep that on file for the future.

  5. G

    Wow, this is so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing it, I am transported to that beautiful and serene place, where love flourishes between you and her, and out in the water with the dolphins. So nice!!!

  6. Mynx

    So sweet and enjoyable, details to transport oneself to that place of tranquility. While I did finish the story in my head, I think it would also be so nice for you to take your “little flower” to these islands, maybe she would provide you with inspiration to complete the story. Just a thought Sir! ;D.

  7. Kayla Lords

    Sensual, beautiful. I could imagine every detail as I read them. Wonderfully done! More please!! πŸ™‚

    1. southerns Post author

      If I could just figure out how to quit my day job….I tried doing without sleep but that seemed to have dire consequences.


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