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Kayla is a submissive, she is also a masochist, but most of all; first and foremost she is a babygirl.
She is My babygirl.

With the process of moving there was a lot going on in the week that we had off from the real world.
There is always a certain amount of stress that goes along with it.
For me driving a 16ft fully loaded truck with a trailer hauling her car down a major Interstate for me was the biggest stress of all.

In all this Kayla had her own stresses, the first few days she was not very submissive, as she mentioned here her pain tolerance was non-existent. With everything going on I knew it was not the time to push to hard. Oh I was in control to be sure, the first few days with the A/C being out we had to readjust. I reversed our plans of unpacking and organizing the house and we shopped instead. I wasn’t going to let her wallow so I kept her busy in other ways., she didn’t see it at first but a bit later she mentioned that she saw how I took charge of the situation and was glad of it.

In the end it all worked out, we now have a new entertainment center which is over and above what we expected to have. We have the furniture picked out for our bedroom, all of it from the dresser, bed-frame, mattress, etc. Even the new loveseat and the type and color of the material for it has been picked out.

While giving her a spanking was out of the question at the time and kinky fuckery was off the radar for the moment I still guided and gave her direction.
I even indulged her with her sassiness and while she may say borderline brattiness from my standpoint she did cross that line a few times.

There was one thing, one thing though that went well over the line.

Since we entered into our D/s aspect of our relationship there has been one standing rule, one protocol that is ALWAYS in effect when we are together. There was even a discussion about it previous to us making the move.

In the evening; at bedtime she is to ask my permission to come to bed.

She broke protocol.

I gave her several days of indulgence then one night as she crawled into bed and started getting comfortable.

“You didn’t ask permission”

Her head snapped up like a bullet out of a gun.

“You haven’t been asking permission to come to bed.”

The look on her face at that moment spoke volumes.
If you have ever seen a submissive that realized they weren’t serving or performing their tasks as they should knows that look all to well.
It is a combination of dismay combined with disbelief and a tinge of sadness.
All those were playing across her face at that moment.

There was also one other thing there, something that had been missing for the last couple of days as well.
The look of one slipping into their submissive space.

For the first time since the move she was moving back into her submissive head-space.

I picked up the reins with no hesitation.
Heading into the closet I knew what I wanted, I grabbed the riding crop off it’s hook and turned back to the bed.

Grabbing her by the hair and looking into her eyes; as I did so I saw her slip, I saw the change come over her instantly.

Pulling her up by the hair I gave her a couple good swats with the crop on her tits.
Then rolling her over on her stomach I peppered her ass and thighs with strikes of the crop.
The whole time doing this I told her how I loved her, told her how she will be asking permission to come to bed.

Through her sobs she gasps “Yes Daddy, I will Daddy, I’ll be a good girl Daddy.”

This lasted all of 6 minutes, when I returned from putting the crop away; babygirl was standing by the bed and she asked my permission to come to bed.

I granted it and she climbed into bed along side me. Taking her in my arms I held her, stroked her hair, and we talked as we drifted off to sleep.


14 thoughts on “Indulgence

  1. mel

    That feeling of realizing you’ve failed or disappointed in some way is the worst.

  2. Kayla Lords

    Unf. And that was a spanking and a moment I desperately needed. I love that you know me so well. I love that we meet each other’s needs so well. I love that I handled that spanking fairly well. And I absolutely, completely, 100% love being your good girl.

    And only six minutes?! It felt MUCH longer to me.

    1. Mynx

      You know Kayla, you have been on your own, and head of your own household for so long, that you have a huge transition to make. You have been Mom, Dad, bread winner, disciplinarian, and in total control of your own world. So It doesn’t surprise me that your submission is floundering a bit here and there, I think it’s to be expected.

      It’s easy to be submissive on the phone, or for a few days visit, or even a week that you spent together. But now it’s 24/7, and a whole new world for you both. You will see lots of these types of situations that once would have been free reign for you, or your decision, that now will fall to Southern Sir to make.

      But I know this will be an easy transition for you, as Southern Sir is a patient and kind loving Daddy Dom, and your his good baby girl!

      Hugs friends! Mynx

      1. John Brownstone Post author

        Mynx, you hit the nail on the head. Now being n a 24/7 relationship will take some adjustment. For both of us.

        I have not overloaded her with rules and protocols, there is still much adjustment. While I have created a list of rules it has not yet been discussed. Ease into the ones we have already had and get used to those on a daily basis before adding more to the pot.

        She is indeed my good babygirl πŸ™‚

  3. Wordwytch

    Living 24/7 is different. We are what I’d call a D/s lite relationship, but… He can snap things back so fast my head spins. And sometimes I need that. Oh I need that, and he is there for me.

    Have fun with your new situation. I’m so happy for both of you!

  4. Cheeky Minx

    This is such a beautiful piece for me because it shows me just how in tune you are with each other, just how loving your D/s connection and relationship.

    I wish you both every happiness…


  5. Christina Mandara

    It’s nice to have that submissive head space returned and sometimes it takes a short, sharp shock to do it πŸ˜‰ Seems like you two are having fun, regardless! πŸ™‚


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