It Was Only a Dream

By | April 18, 2018
My dream was filled with tornadoes that sucked me up into them.

Violent storm hits town

It was a dream I had about a week and a half maybe two weeks ago. The dream has stuck with me and hasn’t let go. What it hasn’t done is cause any anxiety or distress but my mind keeps going back to it. Most dreams I have fade soon after I wake while others stay with me a bit longer, and the more common then not are the ones I have no memory of at all other then I woke and know I had a dream.

There is nothing sexy or erotic about this dream.
This dream though seems to be screaming to be let out so here it goes:

At the start of the dream I was in my childhood home where I lived till I was eighteen. Very little had changed in the house other then the furniture seemed to be much sparser then I remembered. I was alone in the house and I wandered between the kitchen, dining room, and the living room. In the living room there were no longer any curtains on the window and I spent some time looking out at the view. While the wider view from the window had not changed much from what I remember what I did notice was that the outside of the house had changed. Colors seemed faded and the brick and concrete work had begun to crumble.

After a minute or so a niece showed up and then shortly a nephew was there also. They settled down into seats in the living room and it was then Kayla arrived. We all moved to the kitchen and I began washing some dishes that were in the sink, Kayla was with me and then my niece and nephew joined us. It began to feel warm and I thought we should change the temperature controls which were in the dining room. Where there used to be an air conditioner mounted in the wall was now a flat black screen that controlled all aspects of the house. I played with it for several minutes but could not get it to work and we all went back in to the living room.

It was there that I told Kayla it was getting late and I was tired and we needed to get some sleep. We went down the hall to my old room but there was already someone sleeping in there. I decided we should try my sisters old room and when we went in there was already someone sleeping there as well. Coming out of there I looked in my parents old bedroom and it was empty but I walked away form it and we went back to the living room.

When we arrived back in the living room there were more people there that had arrived but I didn’t know any of them. I was still tired and wanted to sleep but every time I found a spot where I thought we could sleep there was already someone there.

I was standing in the living room looking out the window feeling exhausted and trying to figure out a way to get some sleep when the dream shifted.

I was still gazing out a window which looked on and open field which was ringed by a forest with mountains far in the distance. When I look at the interior surroundings I was now in an old library at a college. The walls were lined with bookcases made of wood with intricate carvings, books filled every space in the shelves which were on every wall. There was a large table in the center of the room, again made of wood like an antique boardroom table. The chairs around the table were also wood and had elaborate scrolling in the legs and arms of the chair. I was alone in the room, not a person to be seen or heard anywhere. I noticed a door with bright light streaming from it and decided to see where it led. I

As I walked down there were doors on each side that led to bedrooms and some were bathrooms and/or showers. It was totally silent and there were no people to be seen in any of the rooms.

Making my way back to the library I noticed someone was in there, a young woman. I began talking to her and we delved into a deep and in depth conversation. While we talked more people began filing into the library. There were soft murmurings around us as the others were having their own conversations.

At one point I looked out the window and I saw a storm had blown in. The sky was black and purple while the wind gusted and had the trees almost laying over. Then I noticed the tornadoes. Dozens of them, thin little one, huge wide ones. I turned back around and told everyone it was no longer safe here and they had to leave. I helped everyone get a a room in the hallway where I knew they would be safe.

Once everyone else had gotten to safety I was back in the library and the tornadoes were they and I knew it was to late for me.

The dream shifted again and now I was inside on of the tornadoes. I was being carried by it and I could see debris flying past me, big planks of wood, my face was being abraded by the sand and dirt carried in the winds. I could see nothing but the debris and even that was muted by a dull grey color all around. I couldn’t make out any trees, building, the mountains, nothing.

Oddly enough while I was being flung around by the tornado I was surprisingly calm taking it all in as if in slow motion. In my mind though I was saying a mantra over and over.
“I will not die” “I will not die” Those words filled my mind while I was carried by the wind.

It was after several minutes that I heard another voice that kept saying “You’ve got to come back” I couldn’t tell where it was coming from over the noise of the wind. I didn’t recognize the voice but they kept saying “You’ve got to come back.”

Next thing I know I opened my eyes and I was laying on a hospital gurney with people standing all around me. One of them whom I thought to be the doctor looked at me and said “I’m so grateful we were able to bring you back, you died on us.”

It was then that I woke in my bed.

I didn’t feel shaken by the dream when I woke but as I lay there in bed I began going over each portion of the dream again. It was very vivid and very real, I did fall right back to sleep and slept till the alarm went off in the morning. When I awoke and was having my coffee the dream came back to me again and has been popping up at random times in my thoughts.

Now I did get curious and looked up online what it means to die in your dream. I was surprised by what I had found and found it fascinating: You are undergoing a transitional phase and are becoming more enlightened or spiritual. Although such a dream may bring about feelings of fear and anxiety, it is no cause for alarm as it is often considered a positive symbol. Dreams of experiencing your own death usually means that big changes are ahead for you.


23 thoughts on “It Was Only a Dream

  1. Kayla Lords

    I know you’re not shaken by the dream, but I’m definitely not in love with it. You know how I feel about you dying (it’s not allowed…EVER) so that it happened in a dream bothers me. But I am surprised that it’s still with you all these days later but I don’t think I *should* be surprised because it was so intense.

    1. Cara Thereon

      You sound exactly like Molly when she talks about Michael dying (admittedly, I’ve said something similar).

  2. CimmerianSentiment

    I’ve never analyzed my dreams, I’m nervous to know what they would mean as they’re usually super crazy whacked out events that make zero sense.

    1. John Brownstone Post author

      While I have often believed that dreams are a way for the mind to work out things going on in life I’ve never really dug deep into dream interpretation. This one though really had me wondering.

  3. Mrs Fever

    Dying in a dream also can be symbolic of “next step” or “out with the old, in with the new” changes in significant relationships. It’s not coincidental that men often dream of their deaths on or near the eve of their wedding.

    That aside; if you want a short-version interpretation, I can give you one. (Keep in mind that it’s worth what you pay for it. 😉 )

    Calm in Chaos is pretty clearly what’s happening with the tornadoes. Getting everyone out of the barrage of “storms” bearing down on them? Check. That can take on a variety of metaphorical meanings, but you can probably identify a few stress-inducing “tornadoes” you’re dealing with. And at the detriment of your own “safety” (translation: to the detriment of your own health, emotional well-being, stress level, quality of life, etc). Oh, and wind is an indicator of change as well, FYI.

    The rooms-found-full analogy is also pretty clear. All you want is a chance to rest. But every time you think you’ve found a space – mental/emotional/physical – where you *think* you can do that, you find that it’s occupied with other things. (The sleeping people are likely your “sleeper” energy-suckers. The unfinished projects, the unpaid bills, the incomplete plans, etc.) Things that are taking up your resting space, things that don’t let your mind be quiet when it needs to — thus, you’re in a constant state of semi-exhausted movement.

    And… The past. Libraries are symbolic of the past. You were in a physical place you’d lived in in the past. You noted changes in your surroundings compared to the past. Lots of “past” in this dream. Something’s obviously niggling at your subconscious mind, and it has roots in a previous time. (Possibly related to family but not necessarily; don’t put too much stock in your family members being present, because sometimes family isn’t *actually* family in Dreamworld.)

    For what it’s worth.

    Or: none of the above.

    Sometimes a dream is just a dream. 🙂

    1. John Brownstone Post author

      Actually in many ways this makes a lot of sense in things that have been going on in my life at the moment.

      Slowly but surely things are being worked out and the stress is lessening.

      Thank you for this, it has helped.

  4. Sally Riggs

    I agree with Mrs Fever on a lot of her interpretation. Only thing I would add or offer another possible interpretation is around the house. Houses in dreams often represent ourselves and the rooms different parts of ourself. Those are generally different for each of us ie, kitchen may represent family, bedroom or bathroom is sex, etc. Front of the house is how we want the world to see us, basement our subconscious… People in our dream also represents parts of us. If you listed the first 3 characteristics of your niece ie, young, playful, naive, those are the parts of you in the dream.
    Rule of thumb is that we rarely dream outside ourselves. Everything is a metaphor for us and events in our life. If in the dream your niece were to die that might be saying that you feel the young and playful part of you dying, slipping away.
    Another rule of thumb is that a dream that you can remember, especially that vividly, is your subconscious telling you “this is important.”
    And yes, sometimes a dream is just a dream, but not this one. 😮

    1. John Brownstone Post author

      I knew this was really more then just a run of the mill dream. Which I understood why it has stuck with me.

      Interesting about the outside of the house is an outward representation. I’ve put a few pounds back on and have been very uncomfortable with it.

      Thank you

  5. Li

    Very interesting dream, John; very sprightly described. It has caught my attention from the first words. Besides, that library and the view you saw from its window sound very familiar to me; so much that I would say I know them. It’s strange.
    As for the “death” you seemed to have experienced, it has another possible meaning (the one I esteem right according to my personal experiences and beliefs): you had a regression to a previous death in a previous incarnation, and also to a previous rebirth (maybe the one to this present life of yours).
    The young woman you talked with in the library might have been your atemporal self, or more probably your soul guide. It’s just normal talking with one’s guide just before any death.The library itself is often times the representation we have of the Akashic records, which contain all registers of past and future lives of all of us.
    Just a guess of mine, which perhaps sounds crazy to your ears, but I felt very much like sharing it with you.
    *A big Hug* !

    1. John Brownstone Post author

      Actually Li it doesn’t sound all that weird at all. It is an interesting take on what the library represents. Often I have wondered about past lives and it was something that was talked about quite a bit when I lived on a commune in my early 20’s.

      Soul guides was another topic that was talked about in great depth as well.
      Things here in my life have been moving quite rapidly of late and there have been talks of change happening. (Wanted and good ones)
      Along with some that were unexpected but also good.

      I find the aspect of the Akashic records interesting. That there is a recorded history of us through time. It would be interesting to go through that and uncover hidden aspects.

      Thank you, I’m glad you did share this with me.

      Big hugs for you my friend.

      1. Li

        You’re very welcome ! (I am glad thing are going well for you :)) Big hugs !

  6. Marie Rebelle

    I am totally intrigued by this dream and the analysis of it. I have always been intrigued by dreams and sometimes I have recurring ones, but I have never looked up the meaning of them. Maybe I should change that.

    Rebel xox

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  8. Cara Thereon

    This would’ve made me anxious, just reading to the end made me a bit anxious. I’m glad you weren’t so worried

  9. tripx713

    My dreams are usually of sex…or they are nightmares…snakes chasing me, or mice biting me…

      1. tripx713

        It did me too. I woke up hollering and swinging. My poor wife…I may have slightly assaulted her in my sleep.


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