Merry Christmas

By | December 25, 2013

I am finally back among the land of wifi and 4g phone service, although I was informed if I had an iPhone instead of an Android device I wouldn’t have had any problem with service.

I want to wish everyone that celebrates a very Merry Christmas, may your day have been filled with much love and family.
All of you that follow my blog I am grateful for each and everyone of you.

little flower and I had a wonderful time with family and the kids, so much going on with Santa coming, presents to be wrapped, food to be eaten, and lots of cheer to go around.
little flower had several spankings to go around and help keep her from stressing out.

We had a fantastic date night to celebrate our 1 year anniversary which I will write about a little later.

Tonight once all is settled there is one more gift for her to open which is not meant for vanilla eyes.

We shall see how that is received.

Again, I hope all had a splendid holiday.

10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Mynx

    Merry Christmas Sir, so glad you are enjoying your holiday with little flower, and her children and family. Sending you both blessings and good wishes for the rest of your break together. Merry Christmas friends.

    Hugs, Mynx

    1. southerns Post author

      We all had a wonderful time and we still have a good amount of days ahead of us to spend together.
      Hope your holidays were wonderful.


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