Moving Forward

By | March 3, 2014

Things have been quiet here since I returned from my last visit with Kayla. In part I will admit that it has been partially due to a touch of despondency on both our parts knowing that it will be some time before we see one another again. Looking ahead and what I need to accomplish between then and now almost seemed like climbing Mount Everest; insurmountable! There were times I wished she were here to be by my side so we could traverse them together. Silly I know as the whole point is to do the things needed to be done to get her here.

Finally sitting back and taking a look at the big picture I began putting things into perspective. In actuality there were and will be things that she can help me with even over the distance. I tasked her with one thing which she performed flawlessly as I knew she would and compiled a list for me. Today I went through that list and began whittling it down; knowing what I was looking for it didn’t take long. The list is now cut in half and tomorrow I will then fine tune it.

Each day I make a list of what needs to be done and I take a bite of the elephant, eating it one bite at a time.

We are close, we are tight, we are moving towards a goal and it is happening; the wheel has begun to turn. Each day we talk about what has been and what is still ahead. Will it all work out flawlessly? Most like not; you know, the best laid plans of mice and men. I have no doubt there will be speed bumps, but we will adjust.

Will everything happen according to plan, in a perfect world hopefully. But again if not there is Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, etc.

While I was there we went out to lunch; I took her to our favorite restaurant. The food there is an orgasm of the mouth, such flavors of spices and culinary delight that is borderline sinful. While there we talked about where we started, how much we have both grown in the past year. How close we have grown to one another.

We talked of how she has grown in her submission and in turn I in my Dominance. Our relationship is blossoming and growing. I look forward to the day she will be here with me. It has been quite the journey for me, I am unlearning past behavior and am learning, growing as a person, as her Daddy, as her Dom.

We talked of how we see our relationship in the future as it continues to grow. Where her submission is going, where she wants to go with it. My Dominance is changing as I learn and grow. I am shedding old skin and putting forth new.

This woman, this babygirl, this little has touched me in so many ways and on so many levels. I am her guide, her mentor, her protector. Hearing her squeee in delight puts a smile on my face. When I see her slipping into sub space during a scene, knowing she trusts me to be there for her to take her down and then be there for her to bring her back up once more fills my soul with joy.

Listening to her talk about her writing projects and the ideas she has boiling inside her just waiting to be brought to life is nothing less then amazing. Her excitement overflows like a boiling cauldron.

When she shares things with me on FaceBook or Tumblr and I feel her delight it puts a smile on my face and in my heart.

I look forward to the day she will be curled up in my lap. I look forward to the day she will be kneeling at my feet. I look forward to the day we will be reading together and so much more.

I look forward to the day she will accompany me to the munches and becomes a part of the community here that I have come to know and love.

Today I realized that I truly can talk to her about anything and everything without reproach. A woman that is truly there for me in every way.

I love her and am proud to be her Daddy.

She is beautiful, she is amazing, she is Mine!

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  1. LittleBoPeep12

    I was the first to like this!!! I love that. Southern Sir you make me smile with your open declarations of love and admiration for Kayla. Truly a joy to read πŸ™‚

    1. southerns Post author

      LBP, I am honored that she has allowed me into her life and placed the trust she has in me.

  2. Mynx

    Darn Peep you beat me to the coveted first commenter spot tonight!

    I have to echo my friend here, your words of love and affection for Kayla is so touching, and warms my heart. I believe I can speak for all of us in saying we are counting the days with you till the two of you can be together forever!
    Hugs, Mynx

    1. southerns Post author

      We are both looking forward to that day. Each day a step forward, a step closer.

  3. Wldwestangel

    It is good for newbies like me to see that things continue to change and grow. Thank you for being open with us and sharing.

    (And you guys are so stinkin’ cute!)

      1. Wildwestangel

        I couldn’t resist. Blame Kayla since she insists I am a Little. That makes everything cuter.

          1. Wildwestangel

            PP DO NOT RAT ME OUT!! I thought about that when I hit post.

          2. Page Princess

            Maybe I should pop on over to fetlife, and friend him, and suggest you read posts to him

            realization: as the oldest sib, I never got to be the brat doing the ratting out … I like it!

          3. Wldwestangel

            PP, I have ways to get even. As the oldest of 5, I have practiced up….

          4. southerns Post author

            I’m going to make you both write lines if you can’t behave.

          5. Wldwestangel

            Southern Sir, writing lines probably wouldn’t get me to straighten up, but entries in my brat journal add up and eventually get me a tickle session, which I truly hate. My sir is a devious one. PP had better be good though!!! She totally deserves lines. (Sticking out tongue at her.)

          6. Mynx's Sir

            And yet, miss Angel, you continue the denial of being a “little” – so damn funny to watch, someone please help me here, am I the only one who sees this trait emanating, projecting, radiating, beaming from her soul???

            -Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)

          7. Wldwestangel

            Memo to Southern Sir and Mr. TW:
            I am not a little. I am not scared. Mr. HH’s FL name is Foreverherknight (I picked it out). (Tongue out again.) πŸ˜‰
            Wild West Angel (emphasis on Wild)

          8. pageprincess

            a friend helped me… i can talk while in class!

            the name is perfect for our favorite *little* angel

            i say she should write it 50 times for teasing me yesterday.

            (sticking my tongue out at wild little angel)

          9. Wldwestangel

            Try and MAKE me PP!! (Shaking fist)

          10. southerns Post author

            50 lines for WLA and 15 minutes corner time for you for raspberrying the comment section…hehehe

          11. Wldwestangel

            I am NOT doing lines! I am being bullied! I need a treat for not blowing up and hitting someone. It’s in the rule book.

          12. Mynx's Sir

            Ummmm, I’m pretty sure that when you have tantrum, you’re doing for attention, and if the punishment fits the crime, you do the time, Wild Little Angel- now you can either do what SSir suggests, or, we can tell HH… Your call, miss… πŸ™‚

          13. Wldwestangel

            Tell away, sirs! You underestimate the power of dimples combined with sexual favors…..;}

          14. Mynx's Sir

            And you, Little Angel, underestimate the power of a persuasive Dom… πŸ™‚

          15. Wldwestangel

            22 years of utilizing those dimples to sidestep justice has not been wasted. Rest assured that I calculate my odds.

          16. Mynx's Sir

            And I just sent Mr HH an email… Let’s see how this plays out, shall we?! πŸ™‚

          17. Wldwestangel

            WHAT?????????? That is totally unfair and plain underhanded! OMG!!!!!!

          18. Mynx's Sir

            You asked for it-wait, no, begged for it, taunted and poked the bear, your corner awaits, WLA…

          19. Wildwestangel

            So now you aren’t a Wolf, Mr. Wolf? I’m a bit confused. If I had only known you were a bovine….

          20. southerns Post author

            I think WLA is being a bit of a SAM today Smart-assed Masochist. πŸ˜‰

          21. Wildwestangel

            What? I am merely ensuring I correctly address you, Sir…I want to capture the appropriate picture in my little head.

          22. Mynx's Sir

            Then perhaps you’d better sticking with the image of a wolf, perhaps with fangs showing…

          23. Wildwestangel

            Mmhmm.. Totally got the horns, I mean FANGS, pictured, Sir Ferdinand.

          24. Wildwestangel

            Ah, yes! That’s the one, Southern Sir!

          25. southerns Post author

            Underhanded would have been if he did it and said nothing. It is here in the comments he gave fair warning of his actions.

          26. Mynx's Sir

            Wild Little Angel- I think you have some lines to write while you’re in your corner(?) and I’ll see about recalling the email… Do we have terms agreed? πŸ™‚

          27. Wildwestangel

            I am NOT EVER writing lines…..

          28. Wldwestangel

            Nononononononono! I don’t WANT little in my name! I’m not a little!

          29. Wldwestangel

            Stop TORTURING me!!!!!! Meanie!

          30. Wldwestangel

            Ok then…..sigh….I’m going back to sleep.

          31. southerns Post author

            I know….I could bind the two of you together…wrist to wrist…ankle to ankle…you’d have to get along and work together….. πŸ™‚

          32. Wldwestangel

            I think NOT! /foot stomping and frowny face/

          33. Wldwestangel

            Go away, LBP, or I will be forced to break out the glass glitter.

          34. southerns Post author

            Someone starts sprinkling glitter around here it will be cleaned up or there will be corner time…lol

          35. Wldwestangel

            NOT CORNER TIME!!!!! Can’t we just have a spanking? With a crop? Or a hairbrush? Or a bright red cutting board?

          36. southerns Post author

            Nothing and I mean nothing scares a little more then corner time. Case in point you want a spanking…you’d enjoy it to much.

          37. Wldwestangel

            Sometimes I fall asleep during spankings. I get so relaxed. Yeah, I get no spankings around here for brat journal entries. Sigh. But corner time….shiver! He’s not done that and I doubt he’d be able to withstand my crying about it.

          38. Wildwestangel

            He bought me a pink one. πŸ˜‰

          39. pageprincess


            it is no fair to tease me all day while i’m at work and can’t respond. The posts (by email) had me laughing the whole time i was in class today …and i still got 100% on my test.

            Did you friend her Daddy and tell him that she should stand in the corner? I don’t have a Daddy yet, so nobody to tell for me hehehe.

            Corner doesnt scare me, but the ball gag does!


          40. southerns Post author

            Good for you getting 100% after seeing all that banter.
            No I haven’t friended WWA’s Daddy yet but the evening is still young.

          41. LittleBoPeep12

            You break it out and you clean it up! I’ll be over here having a cuppa coffee with Southern Sir

          42. Wldwestangel

            Coffee is uncivilized anyway. Tea is the nectar of the gods. Everyone knows that. πŸ˜‰ (especially iced Earl Grey) and it looks great in a sparkle cup. With a vintage Santa on it.

          43. southerns Post author

            Well I would abdicate lines for PP if she tells me HH’s FetLife name and then I could tell him that some things need to be added to the brat journal.

  4. Marian Green

    Oh wow. You two are moving along. How exciting. And beautiful!

    1. southerns Post author

      Yes Marian, we are working to bridge the physical distance between us and closing the gap.

    1. southerns Post author

      Thank you pp. First, last, or somewhere in between it it’s always a pleasure to have you stop by.

  5. Mynx's Sir

    Oh, you two, you’re soooo damn cute together!

    It’s refreshing to hear about how you’re managing through your task list, and how she’s helped you make it and manage it. I have no doubt about the core strength you each possess, where the two of you feed off of each other like book ends. I think I speak for many when I say we’re all excited for her homecoming and her home cuming! πŸ™‚

    -Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)

    1. southerns Post author

      Oh it will be quite the day when it happens. Me think the spankings that occur will be heard round the world among other things.
      I might need to invest in that snorkel gear

          1. southerns Post author

            That too, although I have to be careful out they might have to raise the flood insurance rates even higher

  6. Kayla Lords

    I wasn’t the first – or even the third – because I was working on those plans. Just sayin’. πŸ™‚

    That being said, I can’t stop smiling at your beautiful words and sentiments. After our conversation this morning (5am is early, y’all, but SO worth it), I felt our relationship deepen even more within 30 seconds. I like that I still have the ability to surprise you.

    I love you more than I can express.

    And yes, we’re cute…one of these days, we should probably show everyone just how primal and dirty we can get. /giggles

    1. southerns Post author

      You do surprise me the bat of ways.

      Everyone thinks we are so cute I’m afraid that they would be scarred for life if they were to see how truly primal we get in those deep moments.

          1. southerns Post author

            That is true, come to think of it that was one of the first posts I read on your blog. That poor chair

        1. Kayla Lords

          I agree, Daddy. She can’t help herself. Think about how much freer she’ll be when she just admits it!

          Love you, LBP. πŸ˜‰

          1. Wldwestangel

            She just needs the right unicorn picture to trigger her.

  7. Wordwytch

    I’m not surprised that there is a bit of a let down for the two of you. Al that New Relationship Energy burns so bright. It’s like eating a big piece of fudge and getting all hyper.

    You two ARE cute. πŸ™‚ I love reading your posts. They make me smile. Lots of love, hugs and hope time passes quickly!

    1. southerns Post author

      I’m sure it will pass quickly, that is still a lot to be done. Funny that you bring up NRE, as we talked about that at our lunch and the transition to MRE, Mature Relationship Energy.

  8. Beauty's Punishment

    Your post and comments made me smile. Kayla and I talked on chat before she went to bed, and I wanted to make sure she was doing ok.

    1. southerns Post author

      She seems to be doing alright, the initial shock of what is hit us both. Even myself as I was the one who proposed it.My hope is that as we move forward and there are things to be done that will allow for time to move a bit quicker or at least seem like it.

  9. Christina Mandara

    Missing someone is hard, but on the plus side you’ve got goals and your nearing them to be together. Love is a truly amazing thing and you are very blessed to have found that special person – now turn the universe upside and make things happen πŸ™‚ There is ALWAYS a way – but, yes, I realise there are difficulties ahead πŸ˜‰

    1. southerns Post author

      Hope for the best, expect the worst…that way you are never surprised is how I look at it. I know in some shape, way, or form; Murphy will throw his proverbial monkey wrench into the mix and would almost be disappointed if he doesn’t.

  10. Ella

    I am so late at putting two and two together and I’m giggling with delight!

  11. Cheeky Minx

    The thought of the two of you being together brings a big smile to my lips.

    Here’s to looking forward and never looking back…

  12. Anna Marie Kenward

    I really loved this piece sooo much, Southern Sir. It is so beautiful, and wonderful to see a Daddy make His love and need for His bg/lg so openly and publically known. You are both so lucky. Not all of us are, for one reason or another. I long to experience your words such as yours, for myself one day. You are both a brilliant inspiration to me and I shall follow your journey with great pleasure.

    Much love.

    Anna xx

    1. southerns Post author

      I welcome you along with our journey Anna, that is one of the reason’s Kayla and I write so others can see what a D/s relationship can be. That it isn’t always about spankings and discipline, there is so much more then that.


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