My Perspective: The Taste of My Pleasure

By | February 17, 2018

Kayla knows what brings me pleasure.

She also knows it is the one way she holds the power.
When she tastes me she knows it can make me wobbly in the knees and she can elicit the most delightful moans from between my lips.

Just another way her touch can make me happy.

Kayla brings me pleasure.

Kayla knows all to well how to taste of my pleasure


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21 thoughts on “My Perspective: The Taste of My Pleasure

          1. missameliaandsir

            Isn’t that the true art, learning and knowing what works for your partner? Each person has their own, unique preferences. You could rock ones world and do nothing for another. Time, connection and desire makes the learning and teaching fun. ????

          2. John Brownstone Post author

            That is it exactly! It is that desire to understand what makes the other tick. To get under the hood so to speak and not just know them on the surface but take the time to know the little nuance’s.

  1. curiousclitty

    Meant to say @Kayla biggest giggles for your comment above. May be my naughty mind but I’m sure you both enjoyed how ‘that shot cum out!!’ ????????????

  2. findingmywaytosolidground

    I find something tenderly beautiful in the picture. So soft, yet pleasing. Thank you so much for sharing. Such personal words of beauty and love. Thank you for letting us view it, into your world.


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