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He teased and taunted her all day with his words, bringing her to the point of slight squeals and making her squirm.

Later that evening as she sat at the table just finished what she had been writing he continued this time by deftly sliding a finger in her wet wanton sex laying claim to her, taking what was his. From all the teasing throughout the day it did not take long for her body to react to her need building with in her from the very core of her being.

Her body writhing with desire, consumed by the fire raging within as he played her like a musical instrument.
He watched her intently as she moaned in deep pleasure, her back arching off the bed.
Finally unable to hold her self back any longer she begged for her release, the urge building like a giant wave coursing through her body.

He watched her for a few moments longer in silence as her moans and cries reached a fever pitch crescendo.

Then breaking his self imposed silence he spoke one word and one word only “No”

He quickly pulled his fingers out from her soaked womanhood as he turned to leave the room.

She lay in near sobs from her unfulfilled need as she fought it down.

Reaching the door to the room he turned and said “Next time do your tasks when you are told to do them.”

19 thoughts on “Need

  1. sharronkelley

    waaaahhhhhhhhhh! That was my response upon reading this. But I admit, the deep part of me loves Sir even more when he sticks to his guns.

  2. Twisted Angel

    Oh yeah here is where my submissive side slips real quick to pissed off and ready to fight.. I don’t like hearing no.. I admit it.. especially over that.. not pretty at all let me tell ya..

  3. cpmandara

    Orgasm denial… why is it that when you’re denied something… you just want it all the more? πŸ™‚

    1. SouthernSir

      When you can have it you don’t think about it, but when you can’t it is there tickling your mind…hovering there at the edge never quite going away.
      Like those double chunk chocolate chip cookies that you’re not supposed to heave but now can’t get them off your mind….hehehe

  4. Subrina

    The picture is soooo hot and then to read your post??? OMG!!! Even hotter!
    As pissed off as I would have been for him getting me to that point, walking out and leaving me…..I would have had so much respect for him. I always tell him….”mean what you say and say what you mean”
    Thanks for sharing!

    Subrina <3


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