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Safe, Sane, and Consensual
The cornerstone of what this lifestyle is built upon.
The foundation of D/s and BDSM

Everyone has heard about it happening, everyone hopes to never encounter it; but it does happen and when it does it isn’t pretty.

This is my story.

It started out as a normal Saturday morning, we woke up and puttered around the bedroom for a few minutes before heading downstairs. Kayla turned on the coffee pot and began brewing my coffee. I sat down and turned on my phone to check emails, messages, and take my daily role in Bejewelled Blitz. By the time Kayla brought me my first cup of coffee for the day I was well into surfing Tumblr. By that point the coffee tasted so good I even put down the phone to drink down that hot goodness to get my blood flowing once more.

We talked about our plans for the day, we had quite a bit to do and a good deal of ground to cover in order to get through it all. The plan of attack was made and the route was set to begin our day when it came time to leave the house.

Kayla made me my weekend breakfast which was scrumptious as usual. I then sat down to go through my phone for a bit more and she was tasked with giving me a time reminder so I could jump in the shower.

The time flew by and Kayla gave me the time warning, we both made our way upstairs for me to shower and her to get dressed for the day. We talked more while I showered and she got dressed and primped until I got out of the shower and I shushed her out of the bathroom so I could shave and finish getting ready. We talked some more and then it happened, the bottom fell out, the bomb dropped.

“I spooned you last night, several times as a matter of fact” she said.

Normally I am what she calls the Big Spoon, meaning I am behind her with my front pressed up against her back.
Many times during the night I will wake up, grab her hip pulling her to her side and then spooning up against her with my arm over her. Then I will drift back to sleep.
Once in a while babygirl big spoons me.

“I also would circle your belly button” she continued.
My head shot up.
“Every time I put my arm over you I would circle your belly button with my finger.”

My mouth flapped open, “That, that’s just not right” I stammered.

“How do you mean that’s not right, you never even woke up” she said.

“Well, that’s just it, I never work up. There was no consent.”
“My belly button never had any say in the matter.”

She looked at me with the most serious gaze on her face that I have ever seen and told me, “Daddy, there was no consent needed.”

She continued explaining, “See the belly button never withdrew consent, it never said to stop, it never said it didn’t like it.

“But there was no negotiation, no detail of what to be expected….no setting of limits.” I told her.

Then she simply stated, “The belly button never said No”

“How could it say no, it was asleep” I said “and anyway it never actually said yes!”

Again she looked me square in the eye; “While it never said yes, it also never said no either.” ” Matter of fact I think it rather enjoyed it.”

I don’t think I will be able to sleep on my left side again.

Life with a babgirl is never dull!

Important update: Since this post has been written there have been some updates pertaining to this situation.
The belly button has given full consent with it’s limits now known.

To find out more go here: Nonconsensual: A Response

28 thoughts on “Nonconsensual

  1. oceanswater

    That has got to be the cutest “argument” I have ever read. You guys really make me laugh out loud. 🙂

  2. Kayla Lords

    Your belly button didn’t use it’s safe word. There was no indication through a look or body language that it disliked what was happening. Therefore, I say, your belly button had a grand time.

  3. Marian Green

    I think it is quite clear what has happened. The button in question is in league with Kayla. It liked it. Very much. And therefore went to great lengths to keep you, sir, from waking to have a say in the matter. Because had you awoken, me thinks the attention to the dear button would have been transfered to regions lower. Regions which the button probably thinks get more that their fair share already. Yes. It is quite clear.

  4. Franco Bolli

    What had your belly button to say about the so called abuse when it finally woke up? I think that is also a very important aspect. But I am with you on this Sir!

  5. Christina Mandara

    I think the belly button is lucky it got some adoring attention… It’s an underrated part of the anatomy and Kayla was doing a grand job making him feel better. So let’s talk about ssc… Safe? Yes, providing there was no fluff around. Sane – well, questionable in the wee hours of the morning. Consent? Your button was probably purring and I don’t think the case would stand up in court!

    1. John Brownstone Post author

      SOme very good points you bring up Christina, I was afraid that when push comes to shove I didn’t have a leg to stand on.

  6. hispetitelle

    You two are hilarious! After reading the comments I kept getting the image of a ballgagged bellybutton trying to safeword. A ballgagged bellybutton is an outie 😉

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