Of Munches and Meetings

By | February 3, 2014

This past weekend was one of the local munches I attend. Due to Holidays and traveling I had not been to this particular one in a while and it was nice to catch up with everyone.

 Now the two munches I attend are both held in public restaurants and there is no fetish gear worn, no playing or scene’s that go on. They are merely a social function for like-minded people to gather and spend time together.

 Oh to be sure there is kink like discussion’s that goes on. In both cases the restaurants are friendly to us and even give us a separate room so we can fairly openly talk about our kinks and other topics. It is a diverse group of Dom’s, Domme’s, switches, and subs which makes for endless topics of conversation.

 There is always the talk of sports, current events, and jobs, etc. but of course there is always topics about the lifestyle.

 One of the Domme’s in the group has been working on putting together a singles group. The first event was being held later that afternoon and was going to be a lifestyle speed-dating event.

 This led to a very lively conversation about dating in the lifestyle and more then a few horror stories reared their heads.

 Now the one thing about being involved in the kink community is you get to know people and lets face it the lifestyle community isn’t that big, it is a small group of people. You are bound to run into ex’s and old playmates.

 Make no mistake, in this community that defines you to a certain extent. The one thing you don’t want to do is treat someone badly; you don’t want to burn your bridges. Get a bad name in the local community and it will spread.

 Now this may sound a bit drama-ish but it isn’t. It serves a purpose; it weeds out the type of people not wanted there. See a big part of this is treating people with respect, respecting their beliefs, their kinks, their protocol’s, and on and on. If you are not able to do that in a community that prides itself on being open minded then how do you fit in. It goes with the saying, “my kink may not be your kink” I may not like it because it is not right for me but if it is what you like then enjoy.

 Munches are a wonderful place to meet and network with people in the lifestyle. There is an exchange of ideas, camaraderie, and fellowship. Let’s face it; you get a few Dom’s together in the same place you can always pick up some new tips or ideas.

 As the munch began winding down some went off to the singles meeting, others like myself headed off to the local club for the Dom and sub meeting Sum/DAMN. There were some lively topics and discussions, which I will talk about in a future post and that being followed by a whip class.

 All in all it was a day well spent.

13 thoughts on “Of Munches and Meetings

    1. southerns Post author

      If there are you may look to see if there are announcements on FetLife for your area.
      If not maybe you could start one.

    1. southerns Post author

      The munches here are a blast and I am lucky enough to live in the middle so I can easily attend the meetings in two different counties.

  1. Mynx's Sir

    This is on my bucket list- gawd that sounds awful to say it that way, but yup, it is. I haven’t gotten up enough courage to go for fear of seeing someone there I know. It does sound like an enjoyable day Sir, thanks for sharing!

    -Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)

    1. southerns Post author

      Here’s the thing Tom, I have now run into two people at the Munch that work at the same company I do.
      They want the same thing, to be able to practice their kink and not be outed. They will keep your secret just as you keep theirs.

    2. LittleBoPeep

      Mr.TW. We have not gone for the same reason despite events held not 3 miles from our house, yet due to meeting you and Mynx and seeing how easy it was to share and talk, we are reconsidering. 🙂

  2. Kayla Lords

    I could definitely tell a difference in your demeanor and tone of voice after a day spent soaking all that up. I liked it!

      1. Kayla Lords

        Not great, unfortunately. But I made it to work so I guess that counts for something. 🙂

        Thanks for asking

  3. Rose

    Because I am curious, How do I get on Fetlife to check and see what might be available in my area?

    1. southerns Post author

      Rose, you would go to fetlife.com and create an account. Once logged in you would search for events in your area.


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