Of Smartphones and other things

Life has been overwhelming of late, so many things happening, most all of it good. Sadly though not much sexy things happening of late.  Hopefully though if the weather holds and/or makes a favorable change that may be up for some improvement.

My Smartphone has been giving me fits of late, the battery was just draining in a matter of a couple hours even after I would go in and shut down everything that was running. When I would put it on a charger, even if it was directly to a power outlet it would only slow charge like it was on a USB connection. I tried a new charger and that didn’t do a thing, still slow charging. In addition to that Apps were not working right, they would shut down, not respond, and in general just being a pain in the you know where.

Lo and behold my carrier is having a sale on phones, after rebates 4G Smartphones for $29.00. After work yesterday I was able to stop by and look them over, touch and play with them which I like to do with electronics and I walked away with a Samsung Exhibit. I have reloaded most of my Apps on the new phone and after only one night I will have to say what a major difference. It is amazing how much better they respond and load, also how the different features of the Apps seem to work so much better. Not to mention the Samsung is SO much lighter, fits in my hand better and has a bigger screen.

Having a phone that just doesn’t decide to die is SO nice!

little flower is traveling for work and it has brought her to within two hours of me. So close yet so far…
We talked about me gong up to she her, this is where I could use your help. At the moment my only means of transportation is my motorcycle. I’m fine with that, at $59.00 miles to the gallon a 25 mile one way commute to work and I’m saving some major bucks on my gas budget. The real problem is the weather, Sunday would be the day I am coming home and now one seems to agree what the weather for Sunday will be. I have seen rain chances as low as 30% and others as high as 90%. I don’t mind doing a long trip on the bike, just not in the rain. So give a shout out to the Universe and have a chat about moving all the rain chances to Monday.

I really do want to see little flower and I know she feels the same. Yesterday I booked a flight and put in for time off mid-February, so that is locked in. Not to mention I have been of a mood to give her a spanking, must be from reading all these blogs, it’s making my hand itchy!

Work has been crazy, I spent 3 1/2  days doing some training which should have only taken 6 hours. I did the training with 2 co-workers factoring in interruptions and a bit of bickering back and forth between them, (Yes, I had to slip in with my Dom voice and nudge them along.) We managed to get through the program and now I have one more certification to add to my resume.

I have been buried deep in working towards dissolving some property which is a major step in getting little flower out here. It has been a lot of work, taking up a good part of my weekends and most of my evenings. I took last night away from it as I was exhausted and most likely will take a break tonight as well. Last night after my nightly talk with little flower I fell right to sleep and didn’t budge till the alarm went of this morning.

Regardless of what is going on there are two times a day that are dedicated to us talking, at night before we go to sleep and in the morning before I start work. Since we have known one another there have only been a couple of times that we have not talked and each time she knew well in advance. I believe in consistency in a D/s relationship and making the time for us to talk is important. In the few times we weren’t able to talk I made sure to tell her in advance, yes she was disappointed but she wasn’t just left hanging by me not calling out of the blue.

Communication is such a big part of this lifestyle, if someone is not calling, texting, emailing, or finding a way to keep in touch; especially in this day and age of instant communication, something is wrong.

It is nice having her in the same time zone for the moment, makes it so much easier; on me at least, not up so late…lol
I will be keeping an eye on the weather of the next couple of days, a very close eye.
Hmmm maybe I should just bring some rope and keep her here.

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    • We know you do Kayla….. And his hand is twitchy, so everything needs to fall into place for you both…. Cause I’m worried about his hand! Lolol!

      Hugs girl, were all pulling for you! Besides we need lots more hot blog posts on wordpress!


  1. Buy rain gear, put it on, it won’t rain. 🙂

    Last year, I spent extra getting the snow blower serviced (fuel line rotted, carb gummed up, choke stuck open, governor jammed half way) it sounded horrible prior to the service, and probably the only thing it would throw was rod through the chamber! After the service, I put it right on the inside of the garage door aimed at the driveway- not one damn flake last year! Well, like lightening, I wasn’t gonna get lucky twice. We’ve had our share, LOL!

    Rain gawds- post-pone that liquid sunshine! LOL!

    -Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)

    • Brilliant, if I wear it it won’t rain!!!!

      As for the snow blower you need to turn it around and point it back outside. At least now we know whose fault the cold and snow is.

      It has been colder then normal her this winter as well…all things relative of course. If it keeps up being cold here I am going to move south, problem is I’m running out of south.

      • I say we all take up residence in the Fl Keys, open up a club for all the kinky beasties in the world to have a stay at on their way to and from KW…

          • Sound-proof too… And perhaps a rent by the hour dungeon of sorts in which you could BYO implements and/or rent a sanitized set from us?

            Each with its own private balcony surrounded by mangroves for privacy.

            A common ‘munch room’ for scheduled and impromptu ‘lifestyle’ discussions.

            Membership only admission with agreed upon ‘rules of order’ …

          • Sound proof rooms for sure, BYO instruments would be best. Many people would not like to use something others have played with, fluid bonding.
            Of course, spanking benches, St. Andrews Cross, etc, for play and those are easily cleaned.
            Common room for meetings sounds good.
            Rules of Order is a must.
            Membership only admission might be tough if running as a B&B. Limits clientele.

            Have teaching meetings, flogger use, whip demo’s, rope tying.

  2. There will be NO RAIN. I have decreed it. (Not that my word or weather predictions are worth much – but I thought I’d give it a go 😉 Hope you manage to catch up – 2hrs can be so close and yet soooo far. My fingers are crossed and I hope that your crazy life slows down a bit !!!!

  3. by the way, I’ve just spent the better part of two days re syncing my iphone with my email accounts. I was hacked and had to reset all my passwords, turn on two step authentication, and figure out that ball of yarn. This post WAS about smart phones wasn’t it, a long time ago?

  4. Whammys on you for a nice DRY ride. 🙂

    As for the club idea… Tap Wolf. 🙂 He did security at a club far east of here… And… he makes toys. 🙂 Lovely stingy toys that make Nilla cringe. 🙂 And me.

    Hope you have a lovely time SSir!