My Perspective: Boob Day

By | February 9, 2018

Since it is Boob Day, and Kayla is herself participating I thought an extra shot of her boob would be fitting.

I love Kayla’s boob’s, especially her nipples.
They elicit so many wonderful responses from her depending on how I touch them.

One of my favorite things to do is give them a good pinch from time to time.
Just to make sure she is paying attention ya know.

On the way to give her nipple a pinch

Getting ready to give her a pinch


Lots of other folks are participating in the February Photo Fest, click the Lips below to see who else is in on the fun.

February Photofest


9 thoughts on “My Perspective: Boob Day

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  2. Ms. Embrace All of Me

    I love Having Tetas! I could look and examine them all day. I pay close attention to mine by giving them that special attention of moisturizing them and oiling them.
    Tetas are amazing and so is Kayla’s J Brownstone. Enjoy!!!!!!!


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