Primal Instincts or the Beast Within

By | September 29, 2013
Dare you open the door and unleash the Beast?

Dare you open the door and unleash the Beast?

Primal Instinct

Little flower and I were talking the other night, well we talk every night but the other night we got into a very deep conversation. It was sparked by an excerpt of a book I am reading and I shared this portion with her.

I shared it with her because it had me wondering if this is the way it is with her.
I wondered if she experienced these feelings and emotions described in this particular portion of the book.

This is what I read to her, now mind you this was written in the context for a Domme and a male sub but it was noted in the book that the same could apply to a male Dom and a female submissive.

“The Sadomasochistic woman (or man) merely desires her alpha slave to share his beast with her. To have her slave surrender even the beast within to her needs, her desires. To show her slave that despite the darker shadows of his nature, she would accept him and allow him to use them on her (not against her) for their mutual pleasure. In essence, she controls even the beast within him! Unlike the male Dominant who wanted to kneel before a woman, this Dominant wants to unleash the beast within her slave/submissive; not so she can kneel before the beast, but to Play with the beast and tame him to her specifications.”
BDSM The Naked Truth by Dr. Charley Ferrer

So after reading this to little flower I asked her if this is what she felt when we are either engaged in a scene or having sex.
Her answer was a resounding no, little flowers reply was that while she did feel more wanton, more sexual, and even more submissive during those moments. She said it was due to knowing she was being submissive for me, of which she was being of service giving me what she knows I want.

Her thought concurred with mine that the Beast resides within me and not her. That as I became more beast like or more primal her submission becomes deeper in that moment. Then my primal nature feeds off her deepening submission becoming more prominent.

We also talked about how as the beast is more in control as her submission deepens that there is also more of a mixing of the man and the beast.

So my next question to little flower was, “Do you want to tame the beast, is that your intention.”
Her reply was taming the beast was the furthest thing from her mind.
A blending of the two, or a balance, the beast showing more of himself as time goes on but then the man himself being stronger by taking on more attributes of the beast.

In the end what was agreed upon is that it is a cycle, as little flower is more submissive, so I become more dominant, and vise versa; the beast merging more with the man. One feeding off the other, giving and taking in the cycle of BDSM.

Dare you open the door and let the beast out?

15 thoughts on “Primal Instincts or the Beast Within

  1. Kayla Lords

    I would like to think the longer both a Dominant and a submissive (regardless of gender) are in a relationship together, the more Dominant or submissive they become – at least with one another.

    1. southerns Post author

      That is understandable, as long as the trust between them continues to grow and communication is always open.

  2. Christina Mandara

    If we’re talking traditional Dom/sub roles… then as the relationship progresses you both become more enmeshed within your respective character (if that’s the right word!). So as the trust deepens, you can push limits and the exploration of your bond further.

    I do understand where Mr Ferrer is coming from, although in my opinion it would be a far more complex relationship.

    Lovely post 😉

    1. southerns Post author

      That makes a lot if sense and yes the word character fits.
      I have heard tgat in typical D/s relationships that as they progress more boundaries are pushed and even some things that were considered hard limits are now persued.

  3. Franco Bolli

    Let me just add I agree with Christina. On the other hand I was thinking, while reading, what would be the definition of beast in this context.
    Intriguing post though.

    1. southerns Post author

      little flower considers the beast as the one that takes over during play, the one weikding the flogger, the one giving spankings, tge one that likes it rough.

  4. Wordwytch

    I think that we all explore what our limits are and as we “mature” in a relationship, those boundaries move. Plus, there comes a time when you hit a quiescent stage. That point where it is all balanced or when there are no new heights to gain beyond desires.

    I know with Wolf and I that there is the beast… his Dominant side just there under the surface. Interestingly, more often it is a protective rather than a belligerent side. Yes, I know that sounds sort of dumb, but… in our relationship, it is often more about care and feeding than punishment.

    And heaven help the individual that brings out the full raging monster within Wolf. Never ever want to go there, even though I have seen that side. shudder…

    1. southerns Post author

      I agree completely about the boundaries moving over time, just like in any relationship the moving boundaries denote growth. If they didn’t move then that should be pause for thought.

      It is the same with me, the beast is more protector then anything. There are times he comes out to play of course, but it is not in a threatening way at all.


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