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When a submissive gives the gift of herself it is a precious thing.It is given through trust and respect.
A Dom should not take that gift lightly.
It should be accepted with reverence
It is then up to him to embrace that gift and protect it with all of his being.
To nurture the gift that was bestowed upon him above all else.

For it is more then just a scene, more then sexual in nature, more then a spanking given.

13 thoughts on “Protect

      1. SouthernSir

        Not at all, I’m glad that it touched you to want to use it. I don’t know who actually created it as I found it while surfing. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. noroomfordoubt

      Thanks for sharing the words that are so true. For when we give ourselves to one person we become very vulnerable and step way out of our comfort zone. This is when we need the most protection. Always being treated like a true treasure and with honor and integrity always. This can also be said for how the Submissive feels towards her Dominant and Master, always wanting to please and serve him and protect him as well. It really works both ways in order for the relationship to grow and flourish. For true love is a two way street, always.


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