When a submissive gives their gift to a Dom it is a most special thing
Dom’s will push their subs to limits and past boundaries
They will deal out punishments as they see fit or as needed.

Dom’s will act in a stern manner and often with just a look the submissive will obey.

There is also another side to all that.
When the submissive gives that gift to their Dom
along with it comes all their hopes, all their fears and uncertainties, along with their dreams.
The Dom is given these things in trust, a trust that he will not use them against the sub or to harm them.

The Dom should use theseΒ  to help build their hopes, to help alleviate their fears,
to lend a steady hand when those uncertainties arise,
and guide them to achieving their dreams.

The Dom is their protector of all that they are.
The sub knowing that if they begin to fall he will be there to catch them.


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  1. There is a give and take that is far more subtle than many people would understand. A sub may submit and ask for what they need. A Dom must decipher between the wants and actual needs of the sub. It is a dance. A tango or a waltz. And with all dances, at some point, the music stops. It is the point of choice by either party though whether to continue the dance.

    For some, the growth has occurred and the dance is over. For others there is too much expected by one party and the dance will end. Beauty comes in balance.

    Beautiful post Southern Sir.

  2. Beautifully spoken by an honorable Dom who will do everything in his power to protect and nurture his caring and loving Submissive’s gift given to him freely and without conditions. Her vulnerability needs to be protected and it is like the beginning of a painter’s canvas waiting for his words and actions to paint the most beautiful picture and dance two people could ever create.