Quiet Strength

By | January 15, 2013

Sometimes I think there is a misconception of people who do not understand what this world is about.
They think Dom or Master and the first thing that comes to mind is someone wielding a paddle and/or a whip
with an evil gleam in their eye hell bent on letting loose upon someone.

While a great deal of porn photos and videos do give that impression that is far from the reality.
There is also a quiet underlying strength that ebbs and flows beneath the surface.

It is a strength born of nurturing
It is a strength of caring
It is a strength of guiding
It is a strength of growing

All those things and more combined form a complex yet wonderful dynamic.
There are deep emotions that lay beneath the surface
A deep passion that so few have truly touched

The true power is not in the paddle
That is just the icing on the cake
The true power lies in the quiet strength


11 thoughts on “Quiet Strength

  1. Bad Penny

    Really powerful words… and I think sometimes as a masochistic submissive I lose that, and give off the impression perhaps it is about paddles and that gleams. Thanks for the reminder that the outside looking in, only sees what we allow them too, and I should show more of the quiet strength that I love and desire from a dominant male. 🙂

    The Bad Penny

    1. noroomfordoubt

      I agree, the power does lie in the quite strength. Thanks for showing how special the relationship truly is and so loving and powerful at the same time.

  2. Wordwytch

    Beautifully said. While the paddles, whips, and pain may drive home a point or affect a release, it’s the subtle tension of a quiet sentence or phrase that does it all.

    “Go to sleep.”
    “Open/close your eyes.”

  3. Kayla Lords

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. What draws me to a Dominant is that quiet strength…that is what can be depended upon when the paddles and toys are put up for the night…in the moments that aren’t about hot, kinky sex, when I as a submissive am having a rough moment, what I need to lean on is that quiet strength…

    Thank you for stating it so eloquently…

    1. SouthernSir

      Arina, that is so true, in this day and age to many are willing to eschew responsibility which is so important. along with being willing to lead. Thank you


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