Repose – Sinful Sunday 337

Last night we had been playing with some rope work while filming a video for our community. Afterwards we lay in bed relaxing and I looked over to see Kayla laying like this while looking at her phone.

I couldn’t help but at that moment but thinking not only how sexy she is but how perfect and beautiful she looked at that moment.
Luckily my own phone was close at hand and I snapped off several shots of which she didn’t notice so she didn’t move while I was doing so.

Looking over the pictures I had taken and nodding in satisfaction at how they had turned out I then shared them with her. Even she was delighted with how they turned out and I couldn’t help but think what a great shot to share for Sinful Sunday.


A beauty in repose

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Sinful Sunday



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  1. She looks gorgeous – I do have to say that if my man caught me looking at my phone whilst in bed with him I would get a spanking! Ah that’s why i keep my phone close at hand πŸ˜‰

  2. That is a WONDERFUL picture. I HATE having my picture taken, but I must admit, Professor has captured a couple without my knowledge, that turned out nice. It’s also really special to get a glimpse of how you see her beauty through your loving eyes.

    • I will admit I do have a habit of setting my phone down around the house and forgetting where I set it. Often enough I’ve had Kayla dial my number so I could find it.