Sexual Arousal

By | December 4, 2012

Most if not all Dom’s want their subs to be in a constant state of arousal for them.
For the most part that is done through psychological means, through certain words, punishment, a look, a command, or any other number of ways.
To some extent it can be physically brought about, for some it could be through being tied up, a spanking, or other physical stimulus.

What happens when that physical need is brought about by ones body and is totally out of your control?

Now some men may think that is wonderful and the best thing that could ever happen. Again what if that is taken to the extreme, is out of your control and unable to find the cause.
A woman in Florida has such a problem, her body is in a constant state of arousal, she masturbates numerous times a day to get relief having as many a 8 orgasms in a row just for a short time of ebbing the feeling. She has carpal tunnel from masturbating so often and is unable to hold down a job.
Recently she was in court to try and get disability but was denied.

You can read her whole story here:

7 thoughts on “Sexual Arousal

  1. TemptingSweets99

    LOL! Sorry. I have to laugh. Interesting article.

  2. TheOthers1

    I’ve heard of this particular disorder. In some ways, you want to laugh, but I wouldn’t want to be in that state all the time. It’s not so fun to think about then.

  3. Kayla Lords

    I read a follow up article a few days ago…she committed suicide. I can’t imagine the agony she must have been in…I like the agony because it’s not with me every single moment of every single day…I think I would go mad with that kind of disorder…

  4. SouthernSir

    Yes, I read that to that she commited suicide, the original article was done in August and made the paper recently. After they tried to conteact her as a number of lawyers and doctors offered their services but they were unable to reach her. It was very difficult reading that.
    May she rest in peace…

    1. TemptingSweets99

      My initial reaction was one of laughter because I’d never heard of this ailment before and it just sounded so unreal. Obviously, it’s not a funny story. Her story has been a learning experience for me. Yes, may she rest in peace.


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