Stepping up Sinful Sunday 331

The prompt for this months Sinful Sunday did stump me a bit. Living in Florida where stairs are in short supply in many cases with everything being flat.
As I thought about it, I began thinking of my new life here at home, taking care of the house which includes the kitchen and cooking our meals. While I’m not the tallest person in the world I do find myself to be vertically challenged at times, especially when I am trying to reach the top shelf in the cupboard.

Which is why I keep a step stool handy for those moments when it is needed.

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Sinful Sunday

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  1. Love this! Something about the bow on that apron made me smile (but, of course, I’m kinda weird…). And I can totally empathise about needing something to climb on to reach what I need. ????

  2. Nice tushy!!! Although I have been known to cook in the nude, frying without an apron on can be very painful 🙂

  3. My Dear sir , may I say you have a very nice bottom! this also made me lol a little, cos I’m flipping jealous of you being allowed a step stool! I’m not allowed to use them or stand on chairs or climb on the work top or blah blah blah! (I’m the most acerident person every!) so I have to ask some one taller, and then Babe and kitten call me short asrs! (I’m 5ft 9ish and they are both 6 ft). I cant even strop and bout about it cos I just end up giggling cos little bear will off me a boost up!

    • You may and thank you. Well Kayla isn’t allowed to use ladders or stools either. Even before I took over the household duties she would have to wait for me to do it for her. Her sense of balance isn’t all that good and as I like to keep her in one piece I do those things for her.
      I think it may be my turn to chuckle a bit as you call her little bear but she is taller then you and offers you a boost up.