The power of a cuddle

By | July 14, 2013

After the spanking is done
After she has been pinched
After she has been bitten and left with marks
After the ropes have been untied

After the wild and kinky sex,
After she has been pushed past her limits of orgasms
After she has squirted and gushed till dry
After she is nothing more then a puddle on the bed

She is my cuddle slut

9 thoughts on “The power of a cuddle

        1. SouthernSir

          Oh yes, a very lucky Sir to have found someone who is a little, a masochist, and a cuddle slut among other things.

  1. cpmandara

    Whilst sex can be amazing, a taste of pain incredible and even after the intense suffering of orgasm denial to be thus forth rewarded with one – a cuddle can be more that all of that combined. Cuddles speak of care, affection and love.


    1. SouthernSir

      That is so true, and all the others don’t mean a thing if there is no care, affection, and love to go with it.


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