#VBA Versatile Blogger Award

By | November 19, 2013


Thank you to Miss Lizzy of My Journey of Self Discovery  for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award.


Here are 7 things about me

1) I quit smoking tobacco about 7 months ago and now use an eCig.

2) Am an avid motorcycle rider.

3) I drink coffee and spend a lot of time at Starbucks.

4) I dislike having to write things about myself.

5) I grow my own vegetables.

6) Cold weather and I do not get along.

7) I often fall asleep with a book/Kindle in my hand at night.

Not quite 15 but these are the main blogs I follow and many others I follow have already been nominated and mentioned.
Blogs I’m nominating in no particular order:

Kayla Lords – A Sexual Being Someone I have the pleasure of knowing in person and a wonderful advocate of the BDSM lifestyle.

Hyacinth – A Dissolute Life Means.. Along with tales of her life Hy also hosts Boob Day, need I say more.

G – Filled and Fooled Tells some wonderful stories about her life in and out of the bedroom.

Word Wytch – Adventures of a Word Wytch A wonderful story teller

nilla – Vanillamom’s Blog Don’t let the name fool you her blog is anything but vanilla.

Jennifer – Jennifer’s Blog Writes some great posts regarding the lifestyle and erotica writer.

Christina Mandara – Blissful Blog Has a great sense of humour and is a fantastic erotica writer.

Franco Bolli – Princess and I A great blog about a Dom who truly loves and cherishes his girl.

‘Tis – ‘Tis Personal Recently started reading her blog and find the journey of her and her husband in BDSM wonderful.

B- Thinking with my Head ‘Tis’s husband and Dom

LK – Little Kaninchen Always willing to help and guide new submissives in the lifestyle.

Mr. Fox – HusDom Sir to LK and writes some fantastic pieces on what it is to be a Dom.

Cheeky Minx – Love Hate Sex Cake A artist of self photography and a marvelous weaver of words.

Beloved Ahava – His Beloved Submissive A wife blogs about her life as a submissive to her husband.

15 thoughts on “#VBA Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Franco Bolli

    Congratulations on you award, SIr and thank you very much for putting my blog amongst your nominees.
    Have a great day.

  2. Christina Mandara

    Good for you – giving up smoking! That level of control that a Dominant bears must help ~grin~

    Many thanks for the nomination – very kind of you 🙂 I can see I’ve got some great new blogs here to follow.

    1. southerns Post author

      Happy reading, some very good blogs out there.

      Best thing I did giving up smoking, I feel so much better for it.

  3. G

    Thank you so very much for your recognition! I find myself in great company with bloggers I know and bloggers I want to know. Thank you, I accept your award with pleasure and gratitude.

  4. Ella

    Congrats, SS. And big congrats on quitting smoking. You’ll be a healthier person for it!! 🙂

  5. Cheeky Minx

    Congratulations on this most deserved award, SSir. And on quitting the tobacco habit!

    And my warmest thanks for the nomination – I feel honoured, humbled and grateful for your support.


    (PS You spend time in Starbucks? Really?! ;-))

    1. southerns Post author

      Thank you Minx,
      I have to admit I feel so much better since quitting tobacco.

      As for the Starbucks habit, is it bad that in three different Starbucks the barista’s in all know me by name.

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