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That is what this weekend was like or maybe better coined a whirling dervish or even better yet Taz from Looney Tunes.

All the thoughts from every one provided good traveling weather for me as Saturday was beautiful and today though overcast not one drop of rain fell.

So much went on in such a short span of time my mind is still spinning to a certain extent. Kayla asked me right up front that she needed to feel submissive, her week itself was a non-stop whirlwind of events, one finished and out the door to the next. Yes, she had been burning the proverbial candle at both ends.

There are those who say be careful what you ask for or you might just get it.

When she left for her banquet I gave her very explicit instructions for when she was done.

First she was to go get ice cream, I gave her two choices in case they didn’t have my first one. As soon as she walked in the room she was to remove all her clothes, I wanted her naked. She was also to let her hair down, once she was bck in the room she was mine and it was to no longer be up. Now when she came back she had the ice cream and she stripped down to her birthday suit, took her hair out and let it down. I was still eating and was reading a few blogs, she knelt down next to me and laid her head in my lap. I softly stroked her hair for a few minutes and told her she could eat her ice cream but she had to do it while kneeling next to me as I ate mine and finished reading.

Now this is the first time we didn’t have any toys available to play with, so as far as any play went it was with what was at hand, no pun intended. I managed to come up with a few things taking stoke of what was there. My hand for one, belt, I use an eCig and I have a lanyard so I have it available while on my bike, and then there was her hairbrush.

I’m not going to go into great detail at this time as little flower is planning on doing some writing and I think in this case she can do a much better job of it then I could.

I can say one thing for certain, she went deeper into subspace then any other time since I’ve known her. It took a great deal of comforting and aftercare to bring her back down, for some time she was even incapable of speaking. As I held her I kept telling her to not try and talk, she was having what I called spontaneous orgasms, I was just holding her and she was rocking with one after the other. Whispering to her to just relax until it passed, that I was there.  I held her, kissed her, stroked her, gave her sips of water, and even her favorite dark chocolate (found some in the gift shop).

One of the washcloths from the bathroom made a good impromptu gag which helped keep the noise down in addition to the music on the radio. When my hand began to sting from the spanking, I switched to my belt. I used the lanyard from my eCig as a mini whip, that worked fair but not exactly the results I had hoped for.

It ended with her hairbrush which worked VERY well but sadly it did not hold up and in the end it was a casualty; although some super glue might make it better. In the end though she was a very happy babygirl and fell asleep with a big smile as I rubbed her back.


35 thoughts on “Whirlwind

  1. LittleBoPeep

    Southern Sir… I can’t wait to read Kayla’s version. There must have been something in the air for many of us. Please accept my condolences for the demise of the hairbrush. It died an honorable death. I hope your return trip was uneventful.

    1. southerns Post author

      The hairbrush served well and will be remembered fondly. I have to agree there was something in the air this weekend and it was welcomed with open arms.
      The trip back was very uneventful and I took my time enjoying the both the ride and countryside.

  2. Mynx

    So happy for you both that your weekend was a success , Sir! And no rain! I look forward to miss Kayla’s hairbrush post!

    1. southerns Post author

      It truly was a great weekend albeit to short as they always are.
      I think a petition needs to be penned extending the weekends by one more day.

      1. Mynx

        Where do I sign Sir! It seems as the weekend just gets going good, it’s time to set the alarm for Mondays work day! And that will happen in about an hour….yuck! Hopefully your next trip is around the corner, valentines weekend right?

          1. southerns Post author

            Now since it seems that Monday’s are the worst day of the week, I move that the weekend is extended through then.

  3. tispersonal

    Love your ingenuity and creativity, but mostly the aftercare you provided. Sounds like an absolutely perfect weekend.


  4. Mynx's Sir

    BTW- whirl-wind tours are sometimes the most rewarding because you don’t have time to overthink them… Given your 2 hour before and after decompression time in both directions, especially rain-free… Well that just sounds downright amazing for you!

    Please know that we will expect an obituary for the demise of the hair brush- but I think the coroner will be calling to discern whether it was your hand or her bottom (or a combination) which caused the life of the hairbrush to be cut short unexpectedly… 🙂

    I can’t wait to see what miss Kayla has to share…

    -Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)

    1. southerns Post author

      I believe the report will read , “due to excessive blunt force and being wielded in a manner inconsistent with it’s true function, the hairbrush never stood a chance.”
      “It will be noted for the record that said hairbrush met it’s demise quickly and painlessly, it in no way suffered.”

      In lieu of flowers please make donations to the “Save the Hairbrush Foundation”

      This is true, there really was no time to over think as everything was pretty much off the cuff which helped lend to the intensity of the time we were together.

      1. Mynx's Sir

        Well done! LMAO! I’m hoping that friends of Mr Brush will have visiting hours and an opportunity to share more about the grand life he led?!

        And it’s offspring, hopefully a stronger breed of its original self, able to withstand the torment they were designed to enforce?!

          1. Mynx's Sir

            We will rebuild him… NaaNaaNaaNaaNaw…
            His name: Steve Austin, Fuller Brush Salesman… The home of the $6 brush…

  5. Kayla Lords

    We were together 19 short but beautiful hours. And the telling of it is making for a great Masturbation Monday post. 🙂

  6. Christina Mandara

    LMAO be careful with those hairbrushes… you never know when you might need one 😉 Sounds like you had the best time though, and I’m glad the weather held for 🙂

    1. southerns Post author

      The hairbrush came in very handy, going to have to replace it with one that is a tad bit sturdier.
      As for the traveling, it was great, thinking about taking the trip just to enjoy the back roads and scenery a bit more.

  7. Wordwytch

    Very happy that you two got to have time together. As for hairbrushes… you might ask Nilla for the brand she has. It has withstood numerous bouts with Nilla’s ass over the year. 🙂

    1. southerns Post author

      That’s true, she does have the hairbrush that keeps going and going…Hmmmm
      Might have to talk to her!


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