Since I have moved and am now self hosting my blog I thought it is a good time to update my About page.

I have been growing in the lifestyle, living, learning, and experiencing many thing with My little flower. Through it all I have started learning who I am and where I fit in this wonderful lifestyle. From partaking in local lifestyle events, various Munches, and even recently playing at a local Dungeon.

Through my journey with little flower I have learned that I have very strong Daddy tendencies in addition to having a sadistic streak a mile wide as she puts it. I also am a sensual Dom as I love taking control of her sexually. This I do in many ways; I love leaving her limp as a wet noodle and I completely control her orgasms, she isn’t allowed to have one with out my permission or begging very politely for one.

With all the misconceptions brought about in the lifestyle by the book 50 Shades I am a firm believer in being educated and understanding what one is getting into in regards to the BDSM lifestyle. Between the book and the images portrayed in Internet porn there is a need for people to truly understand what the lifestyle is and the people who are a part of it.

I am somewhat of a different Dom then what most would consider, passion is a big part of who I am and what I believe.
Many might say how could a Dom be passionate, I say how could the two not walk hand in hand.
While I do like my kink I also consider Myself to be a pleasurist; there are so many joys to be discovered between two people (or more) having an open mind and a exploring nature is who I am.