She got my Spanking

By | July 15, 2018

This past week was my birthday, so as is the tradition in our house Kayla got my spanking.

I had been wondering if it was going to happen this year but the past week not only brought my celebration but also saw her pain free for the first time in a while.

It was really nice to let out my sadist for a bit and watch her squirm about on the bed.
In addition to the spanking she was tasked with keeping count of each time the paddle landed on her skin.
Thankfully (for her) she kept count well, otherwise I would have had to start over from the beginning.
In total she received 57 plus 1 for good luck.

I have also found my new favorite paddle, I just love how it leaves those little round dots on her ass.


The weapon of ass destruction used for her spanking and Kayla's paddled ass.

Kayla’s paddled ass and the weapon of ass destruction used for her spanking


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