Intellectual Property

By | May 14, 2019
Stealing someones written word and presenting it as your own is theft of intellectual property

Definition of Intellectual Property


“In general terms, intellectual property is any product of the human intellect that the law protects from unauthorized use by others.  The ownership of intellectual property inherently creates a limited monopoly in the protected property. “

From the Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute

Writing is Work

I love books. When I have a free moment, you will find me with my nose in an actual book or staring at the screen of my Kindle while I devour words. From my love of books, I have developed a deep love and respect for those who write, whether they be a published author or blogger.

I see the work that Kayla Lords does day after day as she sits at her computer typing out words. It was through her words that we met 6ish years ago when I found her blog and began reading through it.

Since that time I have come to know a number of other writers and bloggers alike and many I now call friends. I have traveled to London with Kayla and met many writers. I’ve met a few here where we live and spent a wonderful weekend surrounded by them and their energy.

Writers work hard, and they have a passion for what they do. I for one am very grateful for it. I see first hand the time spent to put word to paper or screen. The anxiety of every writer “Will they like my work?”, how an idea for a new story or article pops into their mind in the middle of the night and they can’t go back to sleep till they write it down so they won’t forget it.

Writers have passion for what they do

When an idea strikes Kayla and she begins talking about it I see the excitement, the bright sparkle in her eyes. Her voice fills with emotion as she outlines what she is doing and how the words translate to paper.

What I love about writers is that they transport me to their world. They teach me things I didn’t know about. They give me different views and different perspectives. Or depending on what I’m reading, they fill me with excitement and in some cases turn me on with the picture of words they paint the canvas with.

Being able to craft words is a talent that requires love and passion.

Taking someones work is theft

When Kayla is on a deadline for a piece she’s writing, she sometimes works late nights to get it done. When an idea comes to her for her blog and she is alive with the fire of those thoughts and words, she has worked many a late night giving those words life. Just as many other authors have. She and I have sacrificed personal time together on many occasions so she can write.

When someone takes those words and presents them as their own it is theft. You have stolen their passion, their love, their emotions, their ideas.

It is clearly stated on Kayla’s website that her work is copyrighted as the author of that blog. Technically, she doesn’t have to say that for it to be true.

There are quite a few bloggers out there in this amazing digital world. Some of them work together. Many of them support other new bloggers coming into the world of the written word.

Many more of them even write on similar topics but in their own way each one is unique. The topic may be the same but each perspective is different. Each person brings something new and fresh to it through their own eyes and thoughts.

Give credit where it is due

I myself have come across other writing that has pinged with me and spoke to me in a way that I wish to share it.

Always I ask the writers permission first and make sure it is alright with them that I share the work they produced. All that I have approached have been more then happy to let me do so.

There is a proper way to share another work from a blog. I usually copy the first paragraph, maybe two followed by the words “Continue reading here” with those words are linked back to the content creators web page. I’m make it clear these aren’t my words. I add my own perspective by talking about why I liked it or what it meant to me. But it’s the link that really matters for a blogger.

This brings not only traffic to that writers site but also people who may become regular readers of that persons words. Linking to the original creator isn’t just a “nice” thing to do. It’s the moral and ethical thing to do. They did the work, so they should get the opportunity for people to read their work where it was published, and they should benefit from any potential clicks through to their website.

Being a community leader

Being a leader carries a great deal of responsibility, especially when you put the label of Dominant on your shoulders. Part of that responsibility is giving credit where it is due and being honest with people.

Kayla writes on several blogs and the both of us speak to people through our podcast and videos. One of the things we often tell people is that what we say and the way we live our D/s is not the one true way. Seek out others and learn form them as well. Again different voices, different perceptions, different way of doing the same thing.

How can a person that puts themselves in a role of leader be considered so when they have stole not from just one but several people and presented these as their own? Each and every person that follows them is being deceived and lied to. That goes against what the D/s community is about.

Because yes, that’s what has happened in at least one example we know of. Someone who calls themselves a Dominant decided to build their following and audience on the back of other writers work — without permission, without credit, without ethics. They stole these writers work and passed it off as their own. Does that sound like a leader?

The bottom line of all this?

Writers deserve credit for the work they do. They pour their heart, soul blood, and sweat into each word they write. Don’t steal from them. Give them the well deserved credit due for what they bring into the world for us to enjoy and learn from.