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Intellectual Property

Definition of Intellectual Property Overview “In general terms, intellectual property is any product of the human intellect that the law protects from unauthorized use by others.  The ownership of intellectual property inherently creates a limited monopoly in the protected property. “ From the Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute Writing is Work I love books.… Read More »

John Brownstones Eroticon Meet and Greet 2018

  NAME (and Twitter if you have one) John Brownstone @southernsirspl What are you most looking forward to about Eroticon 2018? After Kayla went last year and told me about the good time she had I am looking forward to being among like minded people. Also Meeting Michael and Molly who have been so great… Read More »

Hard Reboot #BDSM

It has been full of insanity around here since Thanksgiving. I had hoped after Turkey had come and passed that things would be a bit more manageable. Even putting a plan together moving forward didn’t help as life had other ideas. My job has become the bane of my existence.  We had one person retire… Read More »