Who Am I?

How "real" is your online persona? That is quite an interesting question. Giving this some thought if you had asked me 3 years ago my answer would have been totally different. Over the course of the past year and a half I have begun to embrace more and more of my persona of John Brownstone. … Continue reading

Repose – Sinful Sunday 337

Last night we had been playing with some rope work while filming a video for our community. Afterwards we lay in bed relaxing and I looked over to see Kayla laying like this while looking at her phone. I couldn't help but at that moment but thinking not only how sexy she is but how perfect and … Continue reading

Crop Top Sinful Sunday 333

Play time had been almost non-existent for a good part of the summer with the boys being home from school. So it didn't take long (the first day of school actually) for me to break out the toys and have some fun. I think Kayla looks quite nice in a crop top. See who else is being playing Sinful … Continue reading