She got my Spanking

This past week was my birthday, so as is the tradition in our house Kayla got my spanking. I had been wondering if it was going to happen this year but the past week not only brought my celebration but also saw her pain free for the first time in a while. It was really nice to let out my sadist … Continue reading

Going in Circles

Some days it seems like you are just going in circles other times you just have to leave your mark. While kinky fuckery and especially impact has been almost non-existent of late last night I did get a little bit in with a new paddle. Even though I had to take it easy it was nice to hear her … Continue reading

Crop Top Sinful Sunday 333

Play time had been almost non-existent for a good part of the summer with the boys being home from school. So it didn't take long (the first day of school actually) for me to break out the toys and have some fun. I think Kayla looks quite nice in a crop top. See who else is being playing Sinful … Continue reading