Going in Circles

Some days it seems like you are just going in circles other times you just have to leave your mark. While kinky fuckery and especially impact has been almost non-existent of late last night I did get a little bit in with a new paddle. Even though I had to take it easy it was nice to hear her … Continue reading

I Got it Wrong #BDSM

In a big way I got it wrong So this past weekend was a milestone for us. It has been several weeks since I have embarked upon my new life and slowly but surely I'm settling in. My new routine is working itself out; I'm getting more comfortable in the kitchen and trying some new recipes even. As … Continue reading

When she Kneels for Me #BDSM

Kayla is a babygirl , I know shocking isn't it. She has many attributes of a babygirl, she squeals when she is happy, she's been known to stamp her foot a time or two in disapproval, and she can pout right up there with the best of them. Someone wrote a post recently about pouting and I'm sorry I … Continue reading