Hunter and Hunted #Primal

He picked up her scent Watched her silently from the shadows. Taking in her every nuance Observing her every move At one point she noticed him Skittish a first, wary, she knew something lurked in the darkness Over time as he watched she grew used to his presence. With deadly patience he … Continue reading

“Daddy, May I Come to Bed?

Kayla and I are settling into our new lives together, we are both amazed at how well we fit and mesh in so many ways. What helps are our talks and open line of communication we have. When babygirl and I were long distance there were some rules I had in place for her, now that we are together … Continue reading


It is over a year since little flower and I met and it is coming up on a year since we began our journey in D/s together. So much has changed in a year, it is amazing when one thinks about it. Myself growing in my Dominance of her, learning that being a Dom is not something set in stone but … Continue reading

Primal State

Something happened last night, something interesting and exciting all wrapped up into one. little flower and I were laying in bed writing, reading blogs, and perusing Tumblr together. Once done we shut down the laptops and I was in the mood for some play time and so was she. Now I want to … Continue reading