“Daddy, May I Come to Bed?

By | July 12, 2014


Kayla and I are settling into our new lives together, we are both amazed at how well we fit and mesh in so many ways. What helps are our talks and open line of communication we have.

When babygirl and I were long distance there were some rules I had in place for her, now that we are together 24/7 that hasn’t changed but what has changed is how some of the rules are handled. Before babygirl moved here with me I began writing a list of rules and protocols she must follow. It is a fairly long list to be sure but I also have not dumped it on her all at once and expected her to follow them out of the box.

One of the rules I modified was one that was in place when I would go visit her. The rule was thus, she was to ask my permission to come to bed. It a fairly informal rule at the time, she would generally climb into bed next to me and ask me if she could come to bed. That is no more.

My thought was that I want her to feel her submission when she comes to bed at the end of the day.

One evening after we crawled into bed at the end of a very long day we talked. It was one of our long talks that covered everything under the sun. During that talk I told her about the modification to the bedtime rule and that it would begin the next day.

The following evening it was time for bed, we made our way upstairs and made ready to lay the day to rest. I sat on the edge of the bed to plug in the gadgets for overnight charging and set the alarm clock for the beginning of the next day.

When I turned back around there she was, keeling by the bed next to me. Her head up, eyes down and she spoke softly and slowly; “Daddy, may I please come to bed?”

I looked down at her, my eyes drinking her in at this moment. My heart swelled with joy, seeing her, seeing what was in her eyes at that moment. It was then I felt the animal welling up inside me.

Grabbing her by the arm I pulled her up and lay her over the bed with her feet on the floor and I took her. Gripping her hips tightly in my hands I took her with wild abandon, growling and grunting.

When her legs gave out I rolled her over and took her some more till my legs gave out.

At that point I pushed her up on the bed, climbing in behind her I took her again, this time with a fistful of her hair in one hand and the other around her throat.

By that point we were both like animals, her hand was on my thigh, gripping me tightly and her nails digging into my skin.

When we were both finally spent, gasping for air, letting the fan caress us both with a wash of cool air, I growled in her ear “Yes, you may come to bed baygirl.”