Having a Poly Heart

“You have a poly heart” It was quite sometime ago Kayla spoke those words to me. In fact it was such a bit ago that I had forgotten she had even spoken them to me. She spoke them once again while we were in London. I’ve always had a capacity for caring, that is something I’ve known for … Continue reading

I Got it Wrong #BDSM

In a big way I got it wrong So this past weekend was a milestone for us. It has been several weeks since I have embarked upon my new life and slowly but surely I'm settling in. My new routine is working itself out; I'm getting more comfortable in the kitchen and trying some new recipes even. As … Continue reading

Scent #SinfulSunday

Yesterday I got to go to the local woodworking store and pick something out that I really wanted for Fathers Day. It was nice as I had been there a couple days prior and had seen a tool that would really be nice to add to my arsenal of turning tools. I already knew where it was in the store and … Continue reading

Do You Appreciate? #BDSM

I had a very interesting chat with someone the other day about whether I have rules and protocols that babygirl must follow. To which I replied why yes I do. This led to another question as to whether I appreciate the tasks she does for me. I didn't even hesitate in the least little bit and I … Continue reading

Hard Reboot #BDSM

It has been full of insanity around here since Thanksgiving. I had hoped after Turkey had come and passed that things would be a bit more manageable. Even putting a plan together moving forward didn't help as life had other ideas. My job has become the bane of my existence.  We had one person … Continue reading