Do You Appreciate? #BDSM

I had a very interesting chat with someone the other day about whether I have rules and protocols that babygirl must follow. To which I replied why yes I do. This led to another question as to whether I appreciate the tasks she does for me. I didn't even hesitate in the least little bit and I … Continue reading

Working Weekend #D/s

This past weekend was a flurry of activity, Saturday was full of running errands and taking care of things that I just am unable to do during the work week. One thing that was also on the plate was that Kayla needed some time to sit alone and write. I'm taking some time off the starting Wednesday … Continue reading

We Talk

One thing that I see as very important in our relationship is communication. Not just in regards to our BDSM and D/s aspect of our relationship but all of it as a whole. Kayla and I are on the same page about many things, so many things at times it can be scary. Her and I both come from … Continue reading

In the Beginning

I've been thinking a lot lately about many things. Today a memory came flooding back into my head on my ride home from work. Even for a Monday it was a bear at work, I was exhausted as I didn't sleep well last night. Dreams, not being able to get comfortable, the typical Sunday night angst of going … Continue reading


As Dominants we do many things that our subs allow us to do, as masochists to our sadism we embark on a journey of both mind and body. In the D/s aspect we again use our power to lead and guide as best we can, growing ourselves and learning as much as a sub does. In doing this we delve in the … Continue reading