A Question About Sub-Drop and Punishment

By | September 4, 2013

One of my Tumblr followers asked me a question and I though I would answer it here as it will also post to my Tumblr account and this is something that everyone should be aware of.

Good morning Sir, I made a mistake, an accident. I was exhausted after a scene and in serious sub drop. When I was saying my goodnight to Sir. I asked a question about the next days check in. And forgot to use his proper name, Master. I feel asleep and I’m in trouble. He plans in punishing me tonight after ignoring me yesterday. I don’t think it’s fair, I didn’t mean to disrespect him. Or am I looking at it wrong and should I just take it and be quiet? Suggestions? Kind regards, Macanac

First off let me start by saying; as I see it you did nothing wrong.

When coming out of a scene or session it can be a whirlwind of emotions; especially for the sub when they have been in sub-space. Their brain is awash with emotions and endorphins from everything their Dom has put them through.
What a sub needs more then anything at this point is aftercare, they need to be held, they need to know they are loved, and they need to know that they are cherished by their Dom, they need to know that they are a good girl.
A Dom should be giving their sub something to drink, some food, light fruit or a comfort food they like. A Dom should also be putting some type of lotion on the parts of the subs body where they were spanked, etc.

Now I realize that every Dom has their own protocols in how they manage their sub and things they expect. When it comes to aftercare and sub -drop those things for the moment need to be put to the side and walking the sub back into reality should be the only thing on ones mind. A sub gives you a gift, that gift is them, their mind, their soul, their body. It is up to the Dom as the person the sub looks up to, to protect them especially when they are at a time that they are completely vulnerable.

On a day to day basis, yes structure is good, having rules that are followed is important and there is a time and place for that.

The last thing a Dom should be doing is worrying about punishment for a break of so called protocol during a time when aftercare is the only thing that should be important.