A Night at the Club P1

By | August 31, 2013


When little flower and I first began talking to one another one of the first things she asked of me as we became friends was if I would escort her to a munch some day.
Of course I would I offered, or as I told her I would be honored to.

I still have yet to do that and it is still something that is planned.
Since that time though what I was able to do was escort little flower to the local BDSM club in my town.

When she was planning her last trip here we talked about taking her to the club one evening.
little flower was both excited and nervous all at the same time.
To help alleviate the feeling of nervousness I often talked of what went on at the club and how friendly and accepting the people there are. Let’s face it they are there because they like the very same thing we do.

Prior to her coming down for her first visit we talked about what she would wear to the club and we decided she should go shopping. She hit the stores and picked out several outfits, proceeding to the dressing room she tried them all on sending me pictures of each one. It was from those pictures I made my choice of what she would wear to the club.

On the night of our hitting the club she got dressed in the outfit I picked out for her, she looked stunning in the black babydoll dress, no bra, panties I picked out for her,  and black heels. Me in my black slacks, a black shirt and black boots.

When we arrived at the club it was a  bit early but needing to get her signed in since it was her first time my intention was to do get that out of the way so she could see the club before it was packed with people. We went through the process of getting her signed in and once that was taken care of; one of the Dungeon monitors took her for a tour while I took care of other business at the front.
I caught up with her inside and she was in awe of everything she saw.

There on the main floor was a suspension bar for doing rope work, off to the left a St. Andrews cross with a twin on the other side of the room. Along one wall was a hoist for doing suspension and several types of spanking benches scattered about, and around one corner was a table for wax play. There is also a loft over looking the play area with some equipment up there as well.

That night there was a party going on and there were some people from out of town celebrating along with a number of regulars.

We settled ourselves in at a table where we could easily see all that went on at the main floor as I wanted her to be able to take in as much as she could. little flower had her collar and cuffs in her bag, once we were seated I had her take the collar out and she knelt in front of me as I fastened it around her neck and then put on her wrist and ankle cuffs. As people began filtering in I would introduce to her the people that I know so she could now put a faces to the names of friends that I tell her about.

The nice thing was for her first time at a Bondage club she got to see quite a lot of different play. There was one area that had some fire play going on, another spot where they were doing electroplay. There was a suspension rig going on at the winch and then at the main suspension bar someone was strung up by their arms while being spanked and tortured by two Dominants.

As the night went on and little flower became more relaxed I excused myself to go out to the car and get my toy bag. Yes, I had packed my toys with the hopeful intention of playing at the club that night.

When I came back in little flower was talking with the couple at the table next to us, her being somewhat of an introvert I was very proud of her and I asked the couple to join us. We all sat and talked about the lifestyle and how they had become involved and little flower and I also told how we came into it. We talked with the couple for some time

As things started to quiet down at the club I was looking up to the loft which was where I intended to take her to play, there is a St. Andrews cross and a spanking bench up there and my intention was to put both to use. Now the loft is up a short set of stairs and is semi-private. There is even a small table and chairs up there next to the railing overlooking the entire main play area so everything can be seen from above. This being her first time at a club it was my intention to make her feel more comfortable by playing up there and not in front of everyone on the main floor.

The loft never opened and we ended up at the St. Andrews Cross on the main floor; now even though it was off to the far corner of the main floor it was very visible to everyone sitting at the tables.

As we approached the Cross I told her to remove her dress, little flower has an exhibitionist streak and while a bit nervous she complied willingly and she had no bra on as I had instructed. She had on the pair of thongs which I had picked out for her, those were to remain on as what is under there belongs to me and me only and they left her ass open for what I had in mind.

little flower was wearing her collar along with her wrist and ankle cuffs which worked out quite nicely for putting her on the Cross. I explained briefly what I expected of her and guided her to the cross. I had her face the Cross and step forward, her back now to the rest of the room. Then having her raise her arms over her head as I then clipped her arms to each side of the cross using clips which attached to the D-rings on the cuffs. Once that was done I then did the same to each of her ankles. Now she was attached to the St. Andrews Cross and ready for what was to come next.

To be continued….