Having a Poly Heart

“You have a poly heart” It was quite sometime ago Kayla spoke those words to me. In fact it was such a bit ago that I had forgotten she had even spoken them to me. She spoke them once again while we were in London. I’ve always had a capacity for caring, that is something I’ve known for … Continue reading

When she Kneels for Me #BDSM

Kayla is a babygirl , I know shocking isn't it. She has many attributes of a babygirl, she squeals when she is happy, she's been known to stamp her foot a time or two in disapproval, and she can pout right up there with the best of them. Someone wrote a post recently about pouting and I'm sorry I … Continue reading


Kayla is a submissive, she is also a masochist, but most of all; first and foremost she is a babygirl. She is My babygirl. With the process of moving there was a lot going on in the week that we had off from the real world. There is always a certain amount of stress that goes along with it. For … Continue reading

30 Days of submission

As a submissive it is important to know who you are and what you want and/or expect of your submission. Quite some time ago I found these questions on FetLife regarding submission designed to allow you to look at what you want out of your submission and what it means to you. They've been buried on … Continue reading