Dripping #SinfulSunday

It's that time of year when it is hot, so hot that when you walk outside you melt. That's the price you pay for living in paradise as the winter months make up for it in the most glorious ways. This time of year though, even spending a few hours in the shop can leave you a sweaty mess. A shower … Continue reading

Inside #SinfulSunday

For a long time I have felt like I'veĀ  been on the outside looking in, life has changed in some big ways of late and I am alright with that. In some ways it hasn't been an easy change but all in all it has been for the better. I have found that a lot of the stress I have had has now slipped to the … Continue reading

Milked me Dry #MasturbationMonday

I had started out with a spanking, which turned into a good ole down-home fucking, and then turned into some playtime with the wand. By the end of it all Kayla lay on the bed which was soaked as she convulsed in what I call after shocks to all the orgasms she had. Me, I still wanted more, hadn't … Continue reading

Sir and Babygirl: Bound by Love

While I may be considered a tad bit biased, just a tad mind you, the latest offering from the great, the wonderful, the amazing (Okay, I warned you I am a bit biased) Kayla Lords is now available for your eReader. The book is good; it has romance, it has love, it has erotica, and it has kink. What … Continue reading