Banana Muffins #MasturbationMonday

By | September 15, 2014

Josh sat at the dining room table with his laptop doing what he loved the most, going through the bank account and paying bills. He just wanted to get it done and be able to move on to other things. He kept being distracted by Claire moving about in the kitchen, his head would pop up occasionally and peer over the laptop screen as she moved lightly through the kitchen. Claire was making his favourite banana muffins; she had a way of making them so very light and moist, Josh couldn’t help but eat them down as fast as she could bake them.

Josh tried burying himself in the bills once more but found both his eyes and mind drifting off and resting once more on Claire as she hummed, working on the muffins. Her shoulder-length hair was tied in a pony-tail as she took out the ingredients needed for those marvellous muffins of hers. He almost became hypnotized by it as it swung back and forth like a metronome in time to her graceful movements.

His attention once more went back to the matter at hand. At least he tried to, once more his eyes drifted up to take in Claire. She looked so happy as she put together the ingredients, a light smile across her lips, as she turned and he could see her face there was a twinkle in her eyes, almost a mischievous glint.

Feeling a stirring in his groin Josh couldn’t take it any longer, he lowered the top to the laptop and got up from his chair. The hell with the bills for now he thought, there is one thing and one thing only that I want right now.

Making his way into the kitchen he came up behind Claire, grabbing her pony-tail in one hand he wrapped the other around her waist and pulled her to him. His lips found her neck as he held her tight against him, his erection growing, even throbbing, poking her as he kissed and nibbled on her neck. Claire set down her mixing spoon as she let herself fall into him. With his hand still gripping her pony-tail he pinned her against the counter and cupped her ass in his hand, giving it a firm squeeze. Josh’s cock sprung to life and throbbed against Claire’s lovely ass.

Pulling Claire’s pony-tail tighter he used his arm to push her down against the counter as he began unzipping his shorts, thankfully he went commando and didn’t have any briefs to worry about. His shorts fell to the floor and he quickly kicked them out of the way. Claire was wearing a pair of yoga pants which Josh loved as they made her ass look even more delectable and gave him no problem as he pulled them down off her waist and down till they were now off of her as well. He usually picked her panties for her and luckily today he didn’t choose any for her and she was pantiless.

Putting his arm back around her waist her pulled her away from the counter so her head still rested on there but the rest of her was now away. His hand slid down to her slit as he used his feet to spread her legs. Claire let out a moan as his fingers found her pussy already moist, his finger passed lightly over her clit and her body reacted almost instantly. Josh moved back form her slightly and allowed his cock to find its way to her cleft as he began massaging her clit with his finger. Claire by now was a boiling cauldron of heat as she began grinding herself against Josh’s cock between her legs.

It wasn’t long before Claire was begging Josh to allow her to cum, he growled in her ear granting her permission as the orgasm tore through her body. Shaking and quivering her climax racked her as she squirted leaving a small puddle on the floor between her feet.

Josh couldn’t wait any long, he wanted to be inside her, wanted to feel Claire’s slick pussy gripping his cock, he wanted to be pounding her, filling her, taking her.  Moving his hips he angled his cock in line with her pussy, slowly moving forward the tip found her soaked entrance and he slowly began to enter her. Claire was like a bitch in heat and wanted to be filled.  She tried to push herself back and impale herself but Josh had complete control of her. The more she tried to push back the slower Josh entered her. Claire finally gave up and let Josh set the pace.

Once he was fully buried in her he wrapped her pony-tail around his hand and his other hand was planted firmly on her hip. He wanted to make it last but his animal instincts took over and he began thrusting hard and deep, Claire felt so good it drove him on to take her even harder and faster. From this angle his cock rubbed against her G-spot with each thrust and it wasn’t long before Claire was cumming again the the muscles of her pussy were gripping his cock seemingly pulling him even deeper into her.

The kitchen was filled with the sounds of Claire cumming, his pelvis slamming against her ass as he took her from behind.

With all that it wasn’t long before Josh felt his cock growing even larger, his balls drawing up tight against him as his own orgasm build within.
With a deep guttural growl he thrust hard into her using his hand on her hip and the one in her pony-tail to pull her even tighter against him and he began filling Claire with his seed.


“Josh, are the bills done yet?”

“You’ve been at the laptop for a while now are you done with the bills?” Claire asked him.

“The muffins are done do you want one?” She asked in her lilting voice.

Josh shook his head side to side clearing his head from the day dream as he lifted his hand away from his cock. the room coming back into focus.

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