Having a Moment #MasturbationMonday

By | September 22, 2014

It had been a long day, hell in all it had been a long miserable week. Work was going nuts, family was in turmoil wanting this, needing that.
Being home and no email to read, no text messages blowing up the phone, and no phone calls coming in one after the other was nothing short of a blessing.

As I made my way up the stairs to the bedroom first and foremost on my mind at that point was a shower, a long hot luxurious shower followed by a shave and then an adult beverage which would consist of a Jack and Coke.

The bedroom door no sooner had clicked shut then I began to remove my clothes, it was as if by removing them it would peel off a good part of the day and I could as easily toss the clothes as well as the day into the dirty laundry. As I removed my each article of clothing I could feel the cool air of the room washing over my body which in and of itself went a long way to refreshing me.

Naked as the day I was born I made my way to the bathroom, pulling back the shower-curtain and turning on the water. It didn’t take long for the small room to begin to fill up with steam and the water heated up. Once it was ready I turned the water over to the shower-head and climbed in. Stepping under the flow of water felt wonderful. Turning in a slow circle I let the water cover me, engulf me as I felt the stress and frustration begin to flow down the drain.

Pulling out the shampoo I washed my hair, the lather tingling on my scalp as it brought me one step closer to feeling human once more.

Wetting my loofah I poured out a generous amount of body wash, working from the top down I began to scrub. Making sure to hit every nook and cranny not wanting to leave any spot untouched I put the loofah through it’s paces. When down I grabbed the shower head and pulled it down off its hook deciding to set the shower head to pulsate as I rinsed off.

The rest of the day began sloughing away down the drain as I rinsed off. I was close to being rinsed off when I decided I need to be as thorough with my rinsing as I was scrubbing making sure every nook and cranny was rinsed off. That’s when it happened.

A spread my legs to rinse my crotch and the stream of pulsating water hit my balls. The pulsing and the temperature was just right and when it hit my balls it was like a jolt of electricity coursing thorough me. I stopped for a moment not quite believing what I had just felt. Turning the water on myself once more in the same spot elicited the same results; electrifying to say the least. There was also a stirring in my cock as it twitched and sprung to life.

I shook my head as I realized I was having a moment with the shower head and it felt damn good.

Even though I had just rinsed off and was technically done with my shower I decided it was just to good a moment to lose. Setting the shower head to the side for a second I reached once more for the bottle of body wash and poured a generous amount into my hand. Covering my cock with my hand I began working the body over it as it began to lather up. Still stroking my cock with one hand I reached now for the shower head, spreading my legs I angled the shower head once more towards that magical spot.

I was not disappointed!

That same surge of electricity coursed through me head to toe and this time mixed with the soapy lather my cock sprung to life.

In almost an instant my cock was rock hard, mixed with the feeling of my hand slowly stroking it and the pulsing of the shower it wasn’t long before the first sign of pre-cum was dribbling from the tip.

By now I was getting lost in the sensation, hand, spray, hand, spray. I didn’t realize it at the time but I had raised up on my toes and my head was back trying to take in all the feelings coursing over me.

I decided to change it up a bit and along with the slow strokes I squeezed my cock, that added a whole new feeling to it and my cock throbbed. Now stroking even slower and squeezing more my cock was engorged and I knew release was near.
The hot pulsing water mixed with the slick tight grip on my cock was more then I could take, I felt my balls tighten and my mind shattered as the first stream of cum jetted out. My cock throbbed and pumped as cum jetted out into the shower. My body convulsing as my orgasm ripped into me.

I was no longer stroking myself but only squeezing and with each grip another jet would burst forth.

Finally spent I leaned back against the shower wall to compose myself and catch my breath.

Rinsing off once more I smiled as I put the shower head back on its hook taking in the moment we just had..

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