Milked me Dry #MasturbationMonday

By | May 18, 2015

I had started out with a spanking, which turned into a good ole down-home fucking, and then turned into some playtime with the wand.
By the end of it all Kayla lay on the bed which was soaked as she convulsed in what I call after shocks to all the orgasms she had.

Me, I still wanted more, hadn’t gotten to where I wanted to be yet.

Kayla was a quivering boneless mess from all the orgasms I doled out with the wand so there would be no relief there.

By that point it pretty much left me on my own.

Now I have always considered myself adventurous, if something wasn’t in the list of hard limits I would consider it and in most cases try it at least once, maybe twice, and or even a third time before I made a final decision.

I lay there in the bed with the wand still in my hand thinking about all the orgasms it gave Kayla and my mind began spinning up.

Could it?
Would it?

There was only one way to know.

I flicked the switch on low and started just below my balls, the tingle caught me immediately.
Working it slowly up over my balls I let the tingle now flow freely through my entire body.

Did Kayla even notice?
I didn’t care at that point
The vibrations and sensations were already beginning to take me away.

I brought the head of the wand to the base of my shaft, I think I let out my first gasp at that point.

Moving the wand slowly I rolled it along the length of my shaft to the tip, once there I held it for a moment just under the tip.

My entire body stiffened and I thought that volcano was going to erupt then and there.

Moving the wand back down the length of my shaft the feeling ebbed.

My mind was reeling, that was incredible, intense, I never expected it to happen so quickly like that.

I rolled the head of the wand back up again, the same intense feeling hit me.
Just before I felt like I couldn’t take any more I rolled it back down.

I was breathing hard, my brain was screaming for more.

For what seemed like several minutes I kept up the same pattern, rolling it up to the tip of my cock, then rolling it back down when I couldn’t take it any more.

Finally I had reached my limit, about half way up my shaft there was no turning back.
My brain went into overload as I began pumping out cum.
My cock throbbed and pulsed while my milky seed flowed freely.

Even after the last drop had been wrung from me my cock still pulsed hoping for more.
I had been milked dry.

I flipped the switch to off on the wand as I worked on catching my breath and my mind began to try and process what had just happened.

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