The Union #MasturbationMonday

By | September 8, 2014

“Come join with me” you whispered as I held you tight.

and so you drew me in and I filled you.

Joined we two now as one.

Held  tight in passions delight.

Two souls merged, entwined.

A union of mind, body, and spirit.

Shared dreams, shared passions

Once two alone, now one together.

Our dreams once ours alone

now shared between two.

Our souls bound in ecstasies

purest delights.

As one we sailed to such heights

on newly discover wings.

We laughed and cried as one.

We soared under the bright sky.

The sun above filling us with an inner heat

the winds below lifting us up higher.

Then with one last ounce of energies combined

we pushed past the binds that held us

exploding into realms unknown.

What once a spark now a raging fire.

consuming us, lost to all else.

The bond now forged in fire

never more to be broken.

Our energies expended,

softly we drift down

once more in the comforts that surround.

Still joined, never more to be apart

“Sweet dreams” I whisper as I join you in silent slumber.

©2010 SouthernSir

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