She got my Spanking

This past week was my birthday, so as is the tradition in our house Kayla got my spanking. I had been wondering if it was going to happen this year but the past week not only brought my celebration but also saw her pain free for the first time in a while. It was really nice to let out my sadist … Continue reading

Scent #SinfulSunday

Yesterday I got to go to the local woodworking store and pick something out that I really wanted for Fathers Day. It was nice as I had been there a couple days prior and had seen a tool that would really be nice to add to my arsenal of turning tools. I already knew where it was in the store and … Continue reading

Inside #SinfulSunday

For a long time I have felt like I'veĀ  been on the outside looking in, life has changed in some big ways of late and I am alright with that. In some ways it hasn't been an easy change but all in all it has been for the better. I have found that a lot of the stress I have had has now slipped to the … Continue reading