It’s All in the Eyes #MaturbationMonday

By | October 6, 2014

They had just finished making love, he held her, cradled in his arms., her head lying on his chest. Her breathing now slowed as she came down from the intense high her orgasm had lifted her to.

He loved the way she responded to his touch; it didn’t matter whether it was his hands, his kisses, or any thing else; even if he touched her with his eyes she seemed to respond. It was an incredible experience being with her, and he responded to her touch much in the same way.

Though they had just finished making love, he wanted her again. They way their bodies melded was amazing. It was as if one knew what the other wanted without even having to speak a word. When he looked in her eyes while they were making love he could see them so full of life and the electricity that was flowing through her body seen in them sparkling and shining.

She stirred and she moved over and rolled onto her back, he looked at her with a gaze that spoke of both love and lust. Something stirred in the back of his mind as he gazed upon her. It hung there at the back of his mind as he tried to grasp it as it lay just out of reach. She lay there supine arms to her side, gazing back at him with a smile gracing her face.

Then he was able to grasp it, he took hold of it, yes the article he read the other day about Tantric massage. He remembered reading it and how beautiful it sounded, what a deep bond between two people. Yet there was more running through his mind, what if he asked himself. What if he could take that to another level. The two of them over the months they had know each other had formed a deep bond already, while there was still much they had to learn about one another they hid nothing. How many times had she reacted to his looks, seeing what lay beneath his eyes.

What if he thought he could massage her with his eyes and his words.

He sat up, and looked deeply into her eyes, she smiled broadly and began reach a hand out to him.

“No” he said.

She looked at home quizzically.

“You are not to touch me and I will not touch you” he spoke “Also you are not to touch yourself.”

Continuing he told her  “Breath deeply in through her nose and then exhale out through her mouth.” “No matter what happens;” he said “you are not to touch me nor are you to break eye contact with me.”

They gazed at each other as she steadied her breathing and got into  a rhythm.

Once she had her breathing down he began to speak.

“Feel my hand lightly brushing your cheek” he said “My fingers grazing across your skin”

“They make their way to your neck, soothing, light as a feather”

Her eyes opened wide and she began to say “What…

He stopped her “Shhh say nothing, remember!”

“My fingers now trail along your neck, from the base to your ear, tracing it’s outline.”

His voice a soft whisper as he continued touching her with his eyes and his words.

“Feel them as they make their way down your arm, caressing you. Taking your hand in mine.”

“Now my hand makes it’s way back up your arm and moves across your chest.”

By this time soft moans were escaping her lips and her eyes were growing wider.

“My fingers now tracing the outline of your breasts, skin so soft and creamy, unable to resist them I cup your breast firmly in my hand.”

Her chest rose to meet his ethereal touch as her moans grew slightly louder.

“Remember to breath my love.” he whispered as she nodded her lips now slightly parted.

“Finding your nipples firm and erect he roll it between his fingers, taking in it’s texture then giving it a slight pinch.”

She gasped slightly at this her chest rising up once more to meet the touch that was only of words.

As his words guided his ghostly hand down along her stomach to her mons her breathing became deeper
her moans growing slightly louder. He could see the flow of electricity building in her eyes.

“My finger finds your pearl, circling it first one direction then the other, round and round your pearl, occasionally putting slight pressure against it.”

Her hips now arching, legs spreading wider, her mouth now open, and their eyes locked to one another.

“My finger now with a feather lite touch along your lips, down one side, slowly up the other, circling your pearl then back down again” he says.

Her hips rising and falling with each word he spoke.

“Feel my fingers now lightly parting your lips, releasing your heat, finding your moistness.” he whispered.

“Slick with your essence it slips inside you slowly.” With those words her mouth parted wide and a sharp intake of breath as if he had truly entered her.

“Once deep within you” he whispers, “I move it with a come here motion.”
With that her hips now came fully up off the bed.
“Moving, moving, come here, come here, wiggling, touching that spot within.”

Her breathing now became horse, her eyes fluttered slightly.

“Look at me” he said “Don’t stop looking at me”

“My finger moving inside, wiggling, filling you.

Her eyes grew even wider, her hips bucking, as the first part of her song rang forth from her lips. He kept up a steady cadence speaking to her, their eyes still locked together.

Her song now filled the room, all else had disappeared for both of them, nothing else existed but the two of them.

It hit her like a tidal wave, flowing through her entire body, her song now the only sound drowning out all else, her breathing sharp and rapid.
When the flow ebbed her eyes still locked to his, she tried to speak but only short gasps came out.

“How……how……..did…you….do that?

He took her in his arms gently rocking her as he whispered.

“breath my love….shhhh….breath.”

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